Thursday, February 25, 2016

2-25-16 (Week 26)

Hello family and friends,

I don’t know how much I can actually write because my keyboard is really junky right now and like half the buttons I have to press down really hard all the way to make it type and write so you may see missing letters sorry.

Friday I was on divisions (exchanges) with district leader Elder Ortega from Uruguay. We contacted like all day but he gave me a lot of helpful tips and things to do so I learned a little from the experience.

Saturday we contacted in the morning and then for lunch we got together with the old man that lives behind us our neighbor I guess and he made us this huge chicken with potatoes and peppers and in this sauce and we ate with him and it was super delicious but costed us the missionaries like 350 pesos. It was a good day

Sunday my companion gave a talk in church about la obra misional. And then I also helped an old lady go to the bathroom because she was having trouble walking and standing up so I gave her my arm and helped her up and walked her to the bathroom with another lady. It was a good Sunday we are starting to get to know the members a little bit better more and more.

Monday we contacted in the morning had lunch and studied and prepared a lesson because we found a lady like last week that was super great and she told us to pass by again this week so we passed by after our studies and she was home and we taught her the Restoration and her family was there and she had other relatives visiting from Buenos Aries I think and there was a point where like everyone gathered around us and was listening in on what we were teaching this lady and like everyone was like super interested and like slowly we became the attention of the party we became like the center of the night. So we taught her that and then left her with Plan of Salvation pamphlet and she really loved the lesson and she wants us to keep coming and teach more and is excited to hear about the next lesson the Plan of Salvation. So through all of this, this lady is now are first real investigator here wahoo. After contacting and proselyting everyday all day we finally have someone great that wants to hear more and we taught a lesson to.

Tuesday was a normal day we were walking in the morning and these two boys called us over and said oh are you guys here for my brother and we said no we don’t know you, we are just passing by walking on this street but we said we will talk with your brother anyway so they called him out of the house and we talked and he was interested in playing soccer with us and coming back to church because he said he got a book of Mormon like a year ago and got taught but then that was it. So we invited him to play soccer and come to church this Sunday. 

Then in the afternoon we went to a less active lady’s house and we get there and she is just sewing on our front porch and we get to talking and she starts telling us about all these bad kids and these gangs and that they robbed her the other day and stole her money and her bracelet and they probably want our watches that us as missionaries wear so we need to watch out and she said they have been robbing a lot and it is dangerous and the other day she heard one kid got killed by one of the gangs down by the beach they killed someone and then she said there was another death not long ago one of the gangs hung a kid. And I look at her like wait did I hear that right ¨Un chico fue colgado¨ and she says yes you heard that right they hanged a kid. And she continues and tells us these guys are huge into drugs and cocaine and marijuana and that there are some many exchanges and stuff going on and she hears like so many gun fights and stuff between gangs and I was like these boys that live in the neighborhood behind her house actually sound pretty dangerous so she told us to never go in the neighborhood behind her house but she said her neighborhood is fine. Then she took us around back and showed us her garden her lemon tree her squashes her peppers her mint plant her oregano her onions more squash and like everything. Then we finally sit down and share one scripture and then she tells us she has gotten back into smoking and she knows about the Word of Wisdom because she is less active but she is still a member so she said we need to help her quit and then she talks about other stuff that people like offended her in the church and that is the reason she doesn’t want to come to church because she is still mad at some people. It was an interesting afternoon and night because of this lady.

Wednesday the morning we watched a live broadcast of Elder Bednar talking to all the missionaries in the South America South region and Elder Viñas and Gonzalez and Texeiera was in the broadcast too and it was super cool and neat experience everything that Elder Bednar said was like super important and like all the missionaries benefited from and it was a great experience I’m glad I’m here in the mission right now that I was able to hear that because the stuff that was said was so inspiring I can’t say much more because I think it was just for missionaries so I can’t really talk about it. Then that night we had a lesson with another girl that we found last week also and she told us to come back this week so we did and we taught her the Restoration and read from the Book of Mormon Alma 32 about faith. So we taught one lesson and she told us to come back again in the future another day so now this girl is an investigator also so we are up to 2 now. 

Today Thursday we played soccer this morning and then had empanadas for lunch and now we are emailing. Tonight we had a noche hogar with a family and we are going to play games and bake brownies. 

I hope everyone is doing well and having fun haha and the weather there. Also I heard President Obama was here in Argentina this past week and also I heard that Donald Trump is leading the polls right now. Let me in on some of the gossip and what’s going on in the US right now. Thanks!!

Elder Frampton

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