Thursday, February 25, 2016

2-25-16 (Week 26)

Hello family and friends,

I don’t know how much I can actually write because my keyboard is really junky right now and like half the buttons I have to press down really hard all the way to make it type and write so you may see missing letters sorry.

Friday I was on divisions (exchanges) with district leader Elder Ortega from Uruguay. We contacted like all day but he gave me a lot of helpful tips and things to do so I learned a little from the experience.

Saturday we contacted in the morning and then for lunch we got together with the old man that lives behind us our neighbor I guess and he made us this huge chicken with potatoes and peppers and in this sauce and we ate with him and it was super delicious but costed us the missionaries like 350 pesos. It was a good day

Sunday my companion gave a talk in church about la obra misional. And then I also helped an old lady go to the bathroom because she was having trouble walking and standing up so I gave her my arm and helped her up and walked her to the bathroom with another lady. It was a good Sunday we are starting to get to know the members a little bit better more and more.

Monday we contacted in the morning had lunch and studied and prepared a lesson because we found a lady like last week that was super great and she told us to pass by again this week so we passed by after our studies and she was home and we taught her the Restoration and her family was there and she had other relatives visiting from Buenos Aries I think and there was a point where like everyone gathered around us and was listening in on what we were teaching this lady and like everyone was like super interested and like slowly we became the attention of the party we became like the center of the night. So we taught her that and then left her with Plan of Salvation pamphlet and she really loved the lesson and she wants us to keep coming and teach more and is excited to hear about the next lesson the Plan of Salvation. So through all of this, this lady is now are first real investigator here wahoo. After contacting and proselyting everyday all day we finally have someone great that wants to hear more and we taught a lesson to.

Tuesday was a normal day we were walking in the morning and these two boys called us over and said oh are you guys here for my brother and we said no we don’t know you, we are just passing by walking on this street but we said we will talk with your brother anyway so they called him out of the house and we talked and he was interested in playing soccer with us and coming back to church because he said he got a book of Mormon like a year ago and got taught but then that was it. So we invited him to play soccer and come to church this Sunday. 

Then in the afternoon we went to a less active lady’s house and we get there and she is just sewing on our front porch and we get to talking and she starts telling us about all these bad kids and these gangs and that they robbed her the other day and stole her money and her bracelet and they probably want our watches that us as missionaries wear so we need to watch out and she said they have been robbing a lot and it is dangerous and the other day she heard one kid got killed by one of the gangs down by the beach they killed someone and then she said there was another death not long ago one of the gangs hung a kid. And I look at her like wait did I hear that right ¨Un chico fue colgado¨ and she says yes you heard that right they hanged a kid. And she continues and tells us these guys are huge into drugs and cocaine and marijuana and that there are some many exchanges and stuff going on and she hears like so many gun fights and stuff between gangs and I was like these boys that live in the neighborhood behind her house actually sound pretty dangerous so she told us to never go in the neighborhood behind her house but she said her neighborhood is fine. Then she took us around back and showed us her garden her lemon tree her squashes her peppers her mint plant her oregano her onions more squash and like everything. Then we finally sit down and share one scripture and then she tells us she has gotten back into smoking and she knows about the Word of Wisdom because she is less active but she is still a member so she said we need to help her quit and then she talks about other stuff that people like offended her in the church and that is the reason she doesn’t want to come to church because she is still mad at some people. It was an interesting afternoon and night because of this lady.

Wednesday the morning we watched a live broadcast of Elder Bednar talking to all the missionaries in the South America South region and Elder ViƱas and Gonzalez and Texeiera was in the broadcast too and it was super cool and neat experience everything that Elder Bednar said was like super important and like all the missionaries benefited from and it was a great experience I’m glad I’m here in the mission right now that I was able to hear that because the stuff that was said was so inspiring I can’t say much more because I think it was just for missionaries so I can’t really talk about it. Then that night we had a lesson with another girl that we found last week also and she told us to come back this week so we did and we taught her the Restoration and read from the Book of Mormon Alma 32 about faith. So we taught one lesson and she told us to come back again in the future another day so now this girl is an investigator also so we are up to 2 now. 

Today Thursday we played soccer this morning and then had empanadas for lunch and now we are emailing. Tonight we had a noche hogar with a family and we are going to play games and bake brownies. 

I hope everyone is doing well and having fun haha and the weather there. Also I heard President Obama was here in Argentina this past week and also I heard that Donald Trump is leading the polls right now. Let me in on some of the gossip and what’s going on in the US right now. Thanks!!

Elder Frampton

2-18-16 (Week 25)

Dear family!

Thursday we played soccer at the church and that was super fun I’m starting to become pretty good surprisingly.

Friday an area Seventy came, Elder Resek and we took a bus to Mar del Plata and in the church there he talked to us and his wife and also President Cifuentes and his wife too and they talked about a lot of good stuff. Reviewed the concepts and ideas from a missionary broadcast that we saw like 3 weeks ago from Salt Lake. Shared cool stories and gave us good advice to talk to people and testify always and invite people to repent and how important repentance is for our investigators and the Sacrament also is super important too. Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts.

Saturday was a normal day we have no investigators because we are both new in the area and don’t know anyone so we contact like every day and just try to find people to teach and become investigators and stuff. So we proselyted all day

Sunday was church and I blessed the sacrament and then the five of us that are new to the area all bore our testimonies and welcomes. Then we went to Gospel Principles and that was really good we talked about Prayer the power of prayer and how to do it and the things we should say and just miracles and stories of prayer. Then Priesthood was about blessings like giving blessings of health and comfort and we addressed like school blessings. And it made me super grateful that every year Dad would give me a blessing to start the school year and I’m pretty sure that is like the only reason I did good in school haha. 

Monday again was searching and finding people to teach and to listen to us and everyone is either like busy or has company or family over or doesn’t believe in God or already has their religion. 

Tuesday we knocked on a door and a lady answered and we started talking and we found out she is an inactive member and we asked what happened why she left the church and she said because she had problems with the plan of salvation. She feels and believes that life is more of we live, we die, we reincarnate; she didn’t like the idea of the resurrection she believes in reincarnation. And she told us she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true. she has never denied that but she just doesn’t like the plan of salvation the whole spirit world and the three kingdoms that doesn’t seem right like the different levels of glory and then she started going off about how she doesn’t believe in being married for eternity and living with your family for forever. She started talking about like sex is only possible with our time right now on the Earth and like spirit child isn’t like possible because when we die we leave our bodies here and our spirits go and then far down the road we can all obtain eternal life right yes so we can all be gods and goddesses but we can’t have children because we are just spirits and spirits can’t make children they can create children like out of matter like how Heavenly Father made us like created us out of matter but can’t like have physical children. 
I was just sitting there like this is why we need the resurrection because we will all have perfect bodies and with a perfect body we can have children we will have bodies to make children. The whole thing just made me realize like how set in stone my thoughts and beliefs and understanding of the plan of salvation is. Like I know that this plan of salvation God has set up is 100 percent true and that I have a deep understanding of it and it is sad other people don’t understand it. Like I noticed I have a real strong testimony of the plan of salvation. Also this day much later in the day we finally found a lady who is super interested and told us to come back again and we left a pamphlet and everything and she might be a future investigator of ours and then also we found another lady that invited us into her house and we sat down and taught the Restoration on the first contact. We talked to her outside her house she invited us in and we taught the Restoration and she was just a contact so she is interested too and she will probably be a future investigator too. 

Wednesday, yesterday we played soccer in the morning and my companion sprained his ankle playing and now it is really hard for him to walk. And then our service was we cleaned all the windows at the church chapel and I liked that service cleaning windows is fun but it a little hard because they have huge metal bars on them like a jail. Then later that night we had meeting with the first counselor of the branch presidency and the mission leader and we talked about working with members and planning family nights and teaching and getting their help and about some of the new families in the ward and fellowshipping them and there is one new family just recently baptized. That afterwards we walk outside and they are all these guys like adults playing basketball and we joined in and I don’t know but I was really good and the other missionaries were surprised that I was actually good and the adult gangster ballers we were playing with thought I was good too. It was my first time playing basketball again and in Argentina and I was really good I guess I haven’t lost my touch. But I want to play volleyball in the future but I don’t know how we could possibly do that. I guess I will have to wait until winter when we can go to the beach and then we will play on the beach. 

I think that is all for this week it has been good I like the weather here and I think these are starting to pick up with the work here we are starting to find people that are interested. Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the weird weather in PA.

Elder Frampton

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2-11-16 (Week 2)

2-11-16 (Week 2)

This week was good.

Friday was a pretty normal day woke up went and worked in the morning visited a few people and then went to this one guys house Francisco and he gave us just some little bread and juice to have and we read a scripture and just talked - he is less active. Then went home studied and left in the afternoon and went to this family Ezekiel and just talked to the father. Then we played marbles with his son. 

Saturday had breakfast went and visited an 88 year old guy we visit like every Saturday and he is doing well has recovered his health a bit and then we went to another lady’s house afterwards. This lady we contacted like last Sunday and taught the Restoration and then passed by this day to talk with her and teach Plan of Salvation but we only got like a quarter way through it and had to stop on the Fall of Adam and Eve. She had her daughter or a grandson or someone coming over so we left her with the pamphlet and told her to read the rest. 

Then we left the house and the district leader called and said that transfer calls had arrived. He said Elder Riveros is going to stay and his companion will be another Paraguay, Elder Paredes. And then for myself I would be going to Zone Necochea and to the Guemes branch and my companion would be Elder Worth a missionary who was in the MTC the same time as me and we were on the plane ride over to Argentina so I already kind of remember and know him a little. So then we went back to the house had lunch and then I spent the rest of the day packing up my stuff. It was a pain to put all my stuff and try to fit them in the suitcase. 

Sunday was normal church I bore my testimony and also gave a little goodbye that I would be heading to Guemes. Testimony meeting was good. Then after church I took a few pictures with the members I will have to send those next week. Then we went home and I had lunch then took my stuff to the terminal and got on a bus to Santa Rosa. We left General Pico at about 6 got to Santa Rosa at 8. I was and had been traveling with the district leader the other US elder because he got transferred to Mar del Plata. Then there the zone leaders met us there and also another missionary Elder Simpson who is going home this past transfer. And they told us our bus from Santa Rosa to Bahia Blanca doesn’t leave until 3:45 in the morning. So we sat at the terminal from 8 to almost 4 in the morning. And it was interesting we talked the whole time and then we bought these really delicious hamburgers they have at the terminal that had like everything on it, it was sooo good. Like egg peppers chimchurri lettuce tomato onion salsa picante I loved it. Then at the tvs at the terminal they had on one tv a random soccer game but on the other tv they had the super bowl playing so we watched a little of that. Then finally got on the bus to Bahia.

Monday this is when we got on the bus 3:45 in the morning. I slept the whole time and woke up when we got there at about 8 that morning. We got off the bus and entered the terminal and like tons of other missionaries were there in Bahia because that is like the central place everyone goes for transfers so all missionaries being transferred we were all in Bahia terminal. We got our tickets and the bus from Bahia to Necochea leaves at 10:30 at night. So we had to wait in the terminal from 8 that morning until 10:30 that night. Well first we went for lunch at 12 and went to this place called Bamboo it is a buffet and it was soo delicious. I had meat shrimp salad of lettuce and tomato fruits like peaches grapefruit, apples, lots of bananas,  fries onion rings that had so much stuff I then I had some cake and dessert and then went for ice cream and got lemon flavor ice cream. Then we left the restaurant and went back to the terminal and then sat down and talked and just enjoyed all the missionaries being there together. Then one by one each group left one group going to the Pampa left at 6 then people going to Olivarria at like 8 then others left in between then we got on our bus at 10:30 and then last the people who were going to Mar del Plata were still there when we left because their bus didn’t leave until 11:30. Also I met in the terminal seeing all the other missionaries an Elder O´Rourke from Philadelphia Pennsylvania he is in the Philadelphia stake we talked a lot because we are the only 2 people in the whole mission from PA. 

Tuesday remember we got on our bus at 10:30 so then arrived in Necochea at 4 this morning in the morning. And got off and went to the apartment and we live with 4 other elders including the zone leaders. Elder Osorio from Utah and Elder Yeates from Washington State are the zone leaders then Elder Worth and I and then Elder Ortega from Uruguay and he is training a brand new missionary also from Uruguay. The six of us live together in this small little house with one bathroom. I will have to take a picture. Then we worked like all the day.

Wednesday we went for service in the morning and filled in potholes in the road then planned for the week and worked the afternoon. And that is it for this week. I will have to talk more next week we both still don’t know the area and we are new to Necochea and just getting to know the people.

Elder Frampton

2-4-16 (Week 23)

Hello familia,

Friday we had a little appointment in the morning we just shared a scripture. Then at night we went to the house of a less active person who was baptized in Cordoba and his wife was baptized here and they have four kids. The two older kids we taught the Restauracion because we are working with them to be baptized. It was good but they didn’t really pay attention they wanted to go out and play with their friends or the other two younger siblings would distract them.

Saturday we went to a lady’s house who has had all the lessons read the book of Mormon literally has everything ready to be baptized just she has never come to church ever. she is an investigator of ours for like 8 months and she still has yet to come to church. We went to her house and the son answered and said no my mom isn’t here and then the other son came to the door and said yeah my mom is on her way down the steps. So she either told the one son to lie to us that she wasn’t there or the other son was just saying she is coming down the steps for who knows what reason. It was weird. Then we went and had lunch and studied and went to this less active person’s house again and taught again the two kids. Then we left and it started pouring rain so hard so we ducked under some random persons like roof of their garage and the guy who’s house it was came out and was like ohh come in come in. So we went in and his house is huge and he is rich and he tells us he is a retired banker and now he writes and sings music and he is this really famous folklore folk singer here in Argentina. And we talked about the church and he knew the guy who built our chapel here and so he already knows a little about us Mormons.

Sunday we went to church that was normal then we went home and ate and studied and then left and went contacting because we had nothing to do and no one to visit and we rang a doorbell and this old lady answered and said we had come just in time and we were exactly what she was waiting for and needed and we taught the Restoration and she talked to us about tons of stuff and she has heard of the other missionaries but none of them interested her or had what she needed and we were the ones that she liked the best. So she is a new investigator of ours a 73 old woman. Then we went to branch presidents house and he gave us a huge container filled with plum jelly or jam I don’t know which and we took it home and have been slowly eating it. 

Monday was exchanges or divisions again not with me or my companion but with the other elders so one elder from Castex came and we went to the terminal to pick him up and then we came back to the house and we all went to this place called McDany´s and we went inside and ate hamburgers and fries and I ordered what was called the Bic Mac. Haha this place was exactly like McDonalds just a rip off place that wasn’t as good as McDonalds.  Then we studied and went to find people and like 2 of our appointments fell through because no one was home or they just recently left and their kids tell us we just missed them. Then we all came back to the house a little early and we went to this ice cream place called Grido and we got this deal for 2 frozen pizzas and a kilo of ice cream for 130 pesos. And we took it back to the house and went and sat on the roof and ate our two pizzas and ate our ice cream that was mint chocolate chip, dulce de leche con brownie, cherry, and chocolate with almonds and it was good and then we all slept on the roof that night because it was hot in the house and it was really nice outside not hot or too cold a perfect night under the stars and I pointed out all the constellations and the planets for the other elders. Then we woke up in the morning.

Tuesday we traveled to Santa Rosa and had fun and did our normal Tuesday meeting with Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel and then took that picture of the zone and then signed each other’s journals and wrote nice things and just talked and chatted. Then we returned on the bus that night and we met this soccer player that sat next to us that was baptized when he was 8 but he is kind of inactive now and that is because the city or pueblo he lives in now doesn’t have a church or a chapel or anything. But we talked about the church and gospel and what he remembers and then talked a lot about soccer. 

Wednesday we woke up and studied and did weekly planning and then had lunch this Peruvian dish of some sort and then we went to a members house and did service. We cut down tons of branches and trees and trimmed all these branches and grass and stuff and then we went and dug mulch that was really dirt and then had to carry bags of it back to the house. And we were filthy so they sprayed us down with the house and water guns and then we were clean. Then we went home and changed and went to an appointment but it fell through and so we instead went and visited someone else that we had contacted a few days before and this lady let us in and we taught the Plan of Salvation because her father died and it was really good and super spiritual. And then we left and we went to this place that sells Choripan and we ate and then went back to the house and went to sleep.

Then today we woke up and prepared and then made croquets or croques for lunch and then are here writing and emailing. I hope everyone is doing good and staying safe and having fun. Keep reading the book of Mormon and if you aren’t reading right now start reading. Thanks for everything

Elder Frampton

1-28-16 (week 22)

Hello all,

It was great to hear from everybody all about the snow and I’m a little jealous.

Friday we were teaching an investigator in the morning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then got to the part of baptism and just right before we were going to ask him to be baptized he said, ohh yeah this faith, repentance, baptism stuff I was baptized. And we were surprised and like by who and when and he says the Mormon missionaries like 10 years ago. So he shows us pictures that he has from his baptism and we were like wow this guy this whole time was just a really old less active member he has already been baptized. Haha we have been teaching him for like 2 or 3 weeks and it wasn’t until now when we were teaching the third lesson he tells us he is already baptized and a member. So he actually isn’t an investigator. Haha whatever. Then later that night we went to a referral we had and the guy that was referred to us lives across from the Jehovah Witness church and their church looks like almost exactly like ours -like the structure -the gate -the sign it was really creepy.

Saturday was a normal day we gave a blessing to an 88 year old man in the morning and then studied and then at night we went to the branch president’s house to return his keys for watching his dog all week.

Sunday woke up and it was raining so we walked to church with our umbrellas and in the rain. Got there sat in priesthood and in gospel doctrine and then got to help prepare the sacrament and then in the meeting I got to bless the sacrament and then I gave my talk and it was great 9 minutes long and I cut it a little short I still had a whole story I could have told and it would have used like 3 minutes more but I decided to give others a chance to speak. There were only 17 people in sacrament meeting, well in church for the branch so it was a small congregation. Then we went home still raining had ham and cheese sandwiches and then went out and looked for less active people and found like one person that was interested.

Monday was divisions so I went with the other American the district leader and the other elder who lives in the house from the ward. I came with me on exchanges for the day to work in my area. We contacted and taught like 2 lessons and the whole time I just tried to humble myself and listen to his counsel because he is the district leader but also is going home in March so he has like a year and a half on me. So I listened and he had some great instruction and advice and tips. Also we just spoke English the whole time and it was a good break and he helped me because he is really good in Spanish at talking with vos and he helped me because I want to learn.

Tuesday we were in Santa Rosa and that was normal like always fun and we talked about Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel and we did this game because one of the other games ended in a tie so we played this game where one person from each team has to just pop a balloon and then run and read something from Preach my Gospel about Christ like characteristics or attributes. Because that was the topic for this week. So the hard part was people were supposed to grab you and hold you and stop you from getting to the balloon so I go running and one elder picks me up and just like bear hugs me so I can’t get loose and then someone else came along and I wrestled like both of them and then I went for the balloon and someone grabbed it and passed it to like monkey in the middle for a second and then the second person dropped it and I dove on the floor on top of it and just landing on it by diving I popped it with my body weight and then I go sprinting for my Preach my gospel and I read one of the Christ like attributes and then I won and they were like wow you are too good of a fighter- not really but I won the game and broke the tie and won the whole thing for my team it was exciting.

Wednesday it rained like all morning so we couldn’t go out and we stayed inside and I just read like every Ensign and Liahona we have in the house and it was great I love the words of the prophets and apostles. Then we ate lunch and had weekly planning and then left for a part members house and we had a Noche Hogar or family night and talked about families and eternal families marrying forever and it was great and then we set a goal for the parents to get married in the temple and for the family to assist or to come the church this Sunday and then for their two oldest children to be baptized and they accepted to all of them we set some good goals.

Today Thursday we woke up did laundry have lunch and then here in the afternoon emailing and stuff. Did I already tell about a member of the Seventy coming in beginning of February it is going to be really cool. I think that is all for this week. Talk to you all next week hope you enjoy the snow clean up haha

Elder Frampton

1-21-16 (week 21)


This week was good. I don’t even know where to start. I need to know how to get the stains out of the collars of my white shirts.

So last Thursday was the P day of the zone and we were at the Laguna in Santa Rosa; had hot dogs and banana bread soda played baseball then raced and ran a little on the track there. Then passed the volleyball around and had a little water fight then left. And right when we left it started pouring rain and we finished our p day just in time. Then went back to the zone leader’s house changed and went to the terminal and got on the bus back to Pico Thursday night.

Friday was good taught 3 lessons in the morning invited all of the 3 different people to church on Sunday and none of them ended up showing up. We then had lunch and studied then went over to the branch president’s house and he told us he needed us to watch his dog from Saturday until this Friday which is tomorrow. 

Saturday we had macaroni and cheese for lunch and then I don’t remember what we did the rest of the day because nothing is in my agenda. But that night Elder Riveros had to prepare his talk for Sunday so he wrote that at night.

Sunday church was only 25 people. Then we went and studied, had lunch and left in the afternoon, went and visited this less active family. We get there and two of the four kids are there and they tell us the dad is with the other two kids shopping in central so we waited until he got back. When he returned he said he just quickly had to get his wife from work and would be right back to talk with us so he hops in the truck and drives and comes back like 8 minutes later with the wife and then they get back and go in the house and then they come out hop in the truck and the four kids hop in the back in the bed of the truck and they go racing off and we just stood there like what in the world just happened. Then we just talk with the neighbor because they are members and we told them the story and just talked and about other missionaries and people that were in our area before. Then they invited us over the next day just to talk and have a little snack.

Monday we woke up and went and taught 1 lesson then talked with another investigator because he didn’t have time for a full lesson; that is why we could just talk for a little and he gave us a referral for his friend and told us just go straight and turn left at street 13 and he lives across from the evangelical church. So we do what he says and we found the house but it was across from the Jehovah Witnesses church. Then we went home and had lunch and studied then left to go this member’s house from the day before and we talked and had potato chips and cheese curls and just chatted for 45 minutes or so and on their television I could see the whole time was Harry Potter 4 Goblet of Fire. Then we left went to someone else’s house and talked and then went home and packed to go to Santa Rosa for Tuesday

Tuesday we traveled to Santa Rosa and brought with us hot dogs for lunch to eat there. We get there and go to the church and have our normal zone meeting and then they tell us the next day Wednesday is a worldwide broadcast for all the missionaries in the world streaming from Salt Lake at 2 and we just have to meet at the church tomorrow again to watch it. Then we left the church when the zone meeting ended and the zone leader, Elder Chronister tells me I get to go with him on exchanges and we are going to go to Toay because I guess there are not enough beds in Santa Rosa for all the elders. so us two Elder Chronister and he chose me get to go to Toay only a like 15 minute bus ride from Santa Rosa for the night. We get there and we find the apartment of the missionaries of Toay and we unload our stuff and our clothes and with our scriptures go out to proselyte for about 2 hours there. And we are walking along and he tells me here lets contact this guy and we say hello we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ and the man says ohh hello elders and we are like oh are you a member. And sure enough this guy is a member and he talked with us for a little bit and then gave us two references said just 6 blocks straight and then turn left and the first 2 houses. So we walk about 3 blocks and then get stopped by 3 evangelico boys and they ask about the Book of Mormon and the book of Revelations and the second coming and all this and just lots of questions and saying stuff from the bible and the Elder Chronister just started going off and had all the answers and then I contributed with an answer from the Bible because he didn’t know the answer and I did. And then they asked us about why we are serving in Argentina and about missions and stuff. And the whole time 2 of the boys were being really nice and respectful of our differences in religion and the 3rd boy was just yelling and not being nice and at the end they ask - do you guys leave things behind in America and we answered yeah our families and our school and everything and the third kid asks okay then so what’s really more important your God or your life and Elder Chronister is like well uhh I came here and was serving in Mar de Plata and got stabbed so God is definitely more important if we are here in a foreign land and I almost gave my life for God in his service. And the kid totally shut up after that. Then we left and went back to the apartment so in result these 3 kids stopped us and we never got to visit the 2 less active referrals the member gave us. And Elder Chronister says I bet these evangelical boys were put in our path from Satan just to distract us and waste our time and that way we never got to visit those two referrals that we had. So we get to the apartment and had these huge hamburgers that we bought and this hamburger was literally the size of my face really like face size it was so delicious. Then he gets a call from his companion the other zone leader and he says uh Elder Riveros cut his arm in the fan and it is really bad I think he needs stitches and we need to go the hospital. so Elder Chronister says okay fine take him to the hospital I will meet you guys there and he leaves in a taxi and I am with the 2 elders from Toay for the night

Wednesday we wake up and we go to a lady's house to do service but the lady wasn’t even home so we called and she said we would have to postpone until another day. So we went back and changed into our clothes and then hopped on the bus to Santa Rosa and got to the church there and we watched the conference and it was soo good - Elder Andersen and Oaks and Sister Oscarson and Elder Waddell and Elder Clayton and they gave so good advice and exactly what the missionaries of the world needed to hear. Then I asked Elder Riveros how he was and he showed me he got two stitches in his elbow but it really wasn’t that big of a cut, I think everyone just overreacted. Then they handed out letters and boxes that had arrived from the office in Bahia Blanca and I got 2 boxes 1 from the Hagginbothom family Lexi and the other Tio Jaime and Tia Kathy the Velez family. And had cards from the Knights, Maly, Margo, 2 from Mom and I think that was it. The Velez family sent me a tie and socks and chocolate and candy and then each one of them all wrote me a card from each one of the kids. And they were so touching and I read them and it inspired me and gave a big boost of energy. Then we hopped on the bus back to Pico after the conference ended and got back last night.

Today Thursday we woke up did a little laundry had porotos with tomato and onion and this tortilla things Elder Riveros made with flour, onion, hot dog and cooked them in the pan they are like little biscuit things but taste great. Now we are here emailing and stuff. That is it for this week I think. I probably should get all the emails for the people who send me stuff so I can send thank you emails and thank them for sending me cards and things. Thanks to all and talk to all of you next Thursday it is almost the end of the month and close to February.

Elder Frampton