Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hello all,

Friday was good we were on divisions with Elder Coleman from Maryland so I got to be with him for the day and that was really cool we talked about east coast and Baltimore and Washington DC especially.

Saturday cleaned the church in the morning; picked up garbage and leaves and everything outside sweeped and raked and everything. Then the rest of the day taught lessons and had English class at night but then no one showed up again. I don’t know why and then we talked with one more person after we left the chapel because no one showed up. And walked home.

Sunday I gave my talk on the First Vision and personally I thought it was really good and I talked really well but no one ever said anything so either everyone is just duro and didn’t like my talk or my Spanish or something or maybe they aren’t supposed to tell missionaries that they gave a great talk. But one lady did tell me good job because she was the speaker right before me and she said it was interesting that the two people to talk today they made us both of us which have funny accents and no one can understand and are extranjeros and speak funny because she is from Colombia but I didn’t get to ask what part. But her talk was really great too and told her she also did a good job she talked about Christ appearance in America. She sounded exactly like moms voice too it was really weird the way she talked it sounded almost she was talking to me in English but we were having the conversation in Spanish. 

Monday normal day taught like 5 lessons or so and it was just a good normal teaching day nothing really special happened other than we got a baptism date for this 11 year old girl we have been teaching and we set it for 7 of May.

Tuesday we had correlation in the morning that was good because we have a new mission leader. And then the afternoon we had zone meeting and that was good just talked about monthly planning and stuff. And then that afternoon had like 3 lessons.

Wednesday all morning we had meeting with president he described to us a dream he had and that was really cool and he clarified some stuff about planning and monthly planning and stuff about the mission. And he said I think we will skype the week after mother’s day because transfers are the day of mother’s day so we will probably talk the 15th of May. And then he described some other number things and nitty gritty small stuff about the mission and his view and hopes for the mission and what he wants in the future. Then we had interviews and that was perfectly fine haha the hermanas each took like 30 to 40 minutes and the elders were like 5 minutes each some even quicker and he talked about being your own agent and preparing us and stuff. Then the afternoon we had a great lesson and then another both with members then we went home at night and did monthly planning and weekly planning because it is Wednesday and daily planning to plan for tomorrow and yeah lots of planning. 

It is starting to get a little colder around here but that is nothing. The weather is like rainy a lot and yeah everything is good here and I hope everyone is having fun and doing good back at PA. Have a good week y´all!


Elder Frampton


Buen dia,

Tuesday was good we studied then contacted around in the morning and then went back for lunch this week was good for lunches we had over the course of the week mac and cheese giant empanadas with meat and cheese, meatball subs, sloppy joes, milanesas and French, fries fideos or pasta with sauce and meat it was a good week. Then after whatever we had for lunch we had to make a game and a spiritual message for the zone meeting and we made up a little charades game it was really good. Went to the meeting played enjoyed had fun, left, taught that the recent convert little girl and her abuela. Then we had a lesson with a lady. Talked about the power of prayer and encouraged her to start praying again. The night was normal

Wednesday woke up went to church for service cleaned swept and did stuff there came home for lunch.  Studied then did planning for the week and then left went to a recent converts house and walk in and his wife’s brothers are over; one is 14 and the other is 5. The 14 one was on the laptop playing a game like seemed something like WoW or LoL but I wasn’t sure it was a magic game but was first person seemed cool though and the 5 year old was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and he was playing that game better than I played it. He was like Elder watch this and would like jump from one building to another and shot down this helicopter and doing all this stuff. I ask am cuantos autos robaste hoy and he told me like 10 or 11 cars he has robbed in the game. Haha yeah kids are starting younger and younger to play video games made me think of all those little kids like Kendall that know how to work the Ipads better than their parents. Then we left and went to correlation at the church that was good and we stayed a little to talk with mission leader and we knew he had gone to BYU but we didn’t know how long or if he knew English. So we asked he said only one semester and that he had to take a test and all this stuff then started talking in English and he had really really good English I was a little surprised. And we asked if he knew a little English before BYU and the test and before he started learning English he said as a kid he learned to speak and read English by playing the Pokemon games! Wow

Thursday we studied left contacted like all morning long taught a lesson to this one guy I always talk about Horacio and he really loved it but he asked some questions about tithing which wasn’t related because we were teaching L3 the gospel of Jesus Christ but we answered them anyway. Then had lunch and got ready to go to Quequen for these refuerzos there. I was companions with Elder Armstrong and we had the area to contact around the church in Quequen we only found like 4 or 5 people but it was nice to help out the elders there.

Friday studied in the morning a little left went and talked with a guy about word of wisdom and law of chastity for like an hour and a half then went and stopped by a few other houses one being of an inactive guy who works as a yoga teacher, like super yoga with like focusing the inner energy and chi meditating all the time and lighting incense and that kind of hippie yoga instructor stuff ying and yang. Then lunch and studied then went and taught a less active and he gave us some advice to look into the field of getting a job as a flight attendant it is only 1 year of school and you get to travel the world I might just looking into it. I could work flights from US to any Spanish country and supposedly it pays well. Then we had contacting the rest of night

Saturday woke up studied and then taught a less active old lady she talked about E. Coli and sicknesses and stuff and a dog bite her and now she can’t move her one leg and when she was little this dog bit her like 4 times and now her leg is messed up she can’t walk it has some infection over the years. Then a recent convert and that was a normal read the Book of Mormon together. Lunch and then studies and then the afternoon was visiting people contacting talked with another less active normal slow night

Sunday church and then lunch studied all of that was the same for the most part church there was only 42 people. Then afterwards took sacrament to a guy and talked about his conversion story and lots of things. Then talked with some other people and an investigator that we found for luck because he normally is really busy being a police officer and stuff. Then we talked with another guy and went home and the slept good.

Today woke up, breakfasted, came here to cyber to write. Everyone talks about the copa America and soccer and everything. US is doing kinda good it seems. That was the week and transfers calls is this Saturday so we will see this week if I go somewhere or if I stay and what happens. Last transfer only 1 of the 22 of us left in the zone so I think this transfer a lot will leave. We will wait and see. Thanks to everyone!

Elder Frampton



Friday was a normal day waking up and contacting and then lunch and studied then left and taught a lesson to this 11 yr old girl who has the grandma. Then after we left we went to the church for correlation with the mission leader and then afterwards play a little bit of soccer at the church because there were kids playing that night and we played for a little and then my companion ripped his pants.

Saturday we went to another of the other missionary baptisms because we had invited one of our investigators to watch the baptism but they never came so we had to leave and then we worked had lunch studied then had a lesson set for 7 at night and we got over to the lesson at 7 and no one was home and so we called their cell and the lady picked up and said she had waited for us until 6 50 then left when we didn’t come and we said because we would be there at 7 so next time we know to get there a little early. 

Sunday went to a boys house to take him to church with us to the chapel in Guemes but when we got there his brother said he was sleeping and he wasn’t coming to church so we had to turn around and take a bus to the chapel in Necochea. Then church was normal got to know a few of the members and then we went home and had lunch and contacted the afternoon and night. Found one guy when we knocked at a house next to an evangelical church but the house was the minister or pastor of this evangelical church and he was from Britain so we talked with him in English and then he asked when did you chaps get to know your Savior at what age and then we talked about religious stuff and then he said he is only there on the weekends.

Monday contacted the morning and lunched and then contacted the whole day practically nothing really fun just a normal missionary day of talking with people contacting proselyting teaching two lessons that was about it. Until the night when we went to a less active man´s house and he was in bed and he started talking to us and telling us stories of when he was mission leader in the branch and when he lived in Buenos Aires and scriptures and all kinds of stuff. And then he showed us he only has half of his left leg then amputated it because disease or sickness or something like right above the knee. So yeah and then he called for his wife and told her to throw some malta on the stove and then we drank some weird fake coffee no caffeine kinda weird tasting hot chocolate called Malta. 

Tuesday regular morning and then had lunch pizza and zone meeting and played games and normal stuff practices and preach my gospel and all of it then we had another lesson afterwards with this 11 yr old and the grandma and we showed them the Joseph Smith video of the Restoration. Then we went and talked with another less active man afterwards and he gave us two good references or referrals and then we went and visited them and the one turned out to be a guy who was actually interested and we have an appointment to go teach him on Friday during the siesta. 

Wednesday yesterday woke up had service went to an hermano´s house and he has a huge pit or hole in his back yard and we helped dig it deeper and farther and we just shoveled and moved dirt and it was super fun and I felt like I was in the movie Holes I kept quoting things from the movie and being really funny like in the movie. Then had lunch and studied and planned for the upcoming week then left and went and talked with a few people with no success then it started raining out of the blue and we began to walk home and we passed a choripan place so we stopped and bought two choripans and talked with the guy there who was selling them and he was real nice and we told him who we were and what we believe and about our church and then he told us about what he believed in which was 7 reincarnations this is his first life and he will die and his body will sit in the earth and the spirit will leave and then go into another body being born again and he will have a second life and instead of selling choripan maybe he will be a carpenter or wood worker or something.

Thursday or today we woke up had breakfast and then came to write that is why we are kind of early today and we are emailing and probably will go for empanadas and then back to the house and chill and just enjoy the day. 

Thanks for everyone´s letters and prayers and I hope all of you are doing good and having fun and enjoying yourselves but staying safe and if you want go read Alma 37:37 it is good and be grateful and of all your blessings. Take care and with love

Elder Frampton



Friday we contacted almost all day and it rained so many people don’t open their doors or reject us or they say chicos come back another day when the weather is better when it’s not raining. So not much success. 

Saturday was Conference and that was good we worked a little in the morning didn’t find anyone then we had lunch and took the bus over to the chapel and watched conference form 1 to 3 and that was good and then stayed there until 5 and watched from 5 to 7 and then we left and went contacting a little and then went home we couldn’t watch or see priesthood because it was 9 to 11 that night.

Sunday same thing woke up went to church and I talked with this new elder brand new straight from the MTC and also he is from Maryland so I can finally relate to someone from East Coast. Elder Coleman, he is cool and he practically told us the whole Star Wars Movie before conference started and then we watched again 1 to 3 and stayed at church and then 5 to 7 and then went home and planned and did some other stuff and then went to bed. But in general for the both days I really enjoyed conference I took lots of notes but not of what the speakers said but what the Spirit told me to note or write down. But I really liked these two days it was a good break and everything that everyone said I could take and apply to the missionary work and the apostles and prophets knew exactly what to say and I noticed a lot of themes that were touched upon. I can’t wait to read all of them in the upcoming Liahona or Ensign and then read them all over again. 

Monday once again it rained so we contacted in the morning and found absolutely no one and then went home and lunched and studied and then went back out in the afternoon and it was still raining it hadn’t stopped and the afternoon and night was again finding no one but we went and visited this part member family the mom and the 3 kids are members and we are working with the 4 child the last one and youngest to work towards baptism and teach her but also the father of this family is Muslim and we talked a lot with him because honestly I don’t know a whole bunch about that religion and I wanted to learn and for example they believe Jesus was a good prophet and our Savior but they don’t believe he is the son of God. And I was like how and he told me Where in the Bible does it say I am the son of God or God is my father and I opened up to a random page and sure enough it said soy el hijo de Dios and vino al mundo... Obviously everywhere in the Bible every page testifies and says he is the Son of God so how can’t they not believe it. I do however want to get my hands on a read a Koran or Quran. 

Tuesday we woke up and walked really far to visit this one lady and she wasn’t home so then we walked back and contacted a little and then went and made copies and bought lunch ingredients to make it and went home and ate it and then had zone meeting and we talked and played games to help us with the Book of Mormona and Preach My Gospel like hangman and guess who this prophet is? He died by fire. Abinadi yes. And that was really fun and then we headed over to the other chapel for meeting with mission leader and he ended up never coming or showing up so we left and contacted that night and visited another part member family and then another investigator. So we are getting places slow but steady. 

Yesterday Wednesday we woke up for service; we picked up trash in the street and garbage in the grass and along the road and that was kind of weird I felt people were judging us or like thinking why are two young boys collecting garbage. Then we had lunch something good here called Aoquis? or gnocchi. It was good then we studied and left and went for one investigator and we got there right as he was leaving his house and smoking marijuana leaving right when we arrived. Then we went for another lady and she wasn’t home and then went for a part member family and talked with the grandma and she left the church because she didn’t want to pay tithing she said the branch president tried to force her and tell her she had to pay tithing so she left the church and never gone back but we are working with her youngest granddaughter to be baptized the other grandkids are already and the mom too but the mom is never there she is in a psychiatric hospital. Then we went home after talking with grandma and the kids and we planned and went to bed

Today Thursday I tried to make oatmeal for breakfast but it turned out terrible it was too watery and runny and I don’t know how to do it. But anyway if you have any other recipes or anything else you want to send me of something I should make I would love that and am wide open for any recipes. We are emailing now and then will go eat lunch and go home and just chill and stay in the house.

Hope everyone at home is doing well and everyone is having fun and enjoying the PA spring. Go visit some Amish people, that is what everyone here knows PA for. Thanks for everything! Go Villanova!! Also I heard that Spencer Josephsen is home from his mission. 

Elder Frampton


Okay so this week was a little different but I´ll get there eventually.

Friday we went on divisions with the district leader so my companion was with him and I was with the companion of our district leader Elder Rodriguez. And we went to the family of our mission leader and we pulled out grass and dug up some dirt and stuff kind of just prepping when they will put flowers in the dirt later. Then we went over to the church and we brought this investigator Michael and he had a baptism interview with the zone leaders at the church and he passed so he was to get baptized the next day. Then we went back the mission leaders house talked some more played with his kids a little then went home lunched studied then the afternoon we went and taught an English class at the church and that was good but I’m not super great at explaining English or teaching it so I just came up with games to help them practice. Then we went home and changed and came back to the church in sport clothes because we were going to play futbol (soccer) with some guys there because we had brought an investigator to play and if one of our investigators goes to play we are allowed to accompany and play too so played soccer like all night long until we had to be back at the house at 9.

Saturday woke up taught some people in the morning came home we were to have a lesson with Marco this investigator that comes to church every week and he says his leg is broken. We were to have a lesson with him at the church right before the baptisms and then we would all just watch the baptisms together because this boy Michael was being baptized and the zone leaders had this one lady Debora also being baptized. So we are walking home and the zone leaders call me and told me there was this guy who has been investigating the church for like almost 3 years and he is always riding around town on his bike talking to us missionaries saying like when am I going to be baptized this guy named David so I know the guy because I’ve seen him around and we’ve talked to him a few times. And for all this years he hasn’t been baptized his because he still smokes a little and drinks his coffee and when he is with his friends he has just a little wine just to wash the food down.  However up to like 3 months ago he gave it all up hasn’t smoked in even longer his last coffee was like 3 weeks ago and he has stopped drinking wine. So the zone leaders found him today talked with him took him into the church and conducted a baptismal interview and the guy passed he has always had a strong testimony and knows all the answers he just didn’t keep the word of wisdom but because he has given all of that up as of 3 months ago he was able to pass the interview because now he is keeping the word of wisdom law. And he was to be baptized today that is why the zone leaders called me was to get my clothes ready and come on over to the church to baptize David. And he wasn’t my investigator or anything I talked with him a few times but they said they just needed someone to baptize him (also like all members are gone because the temple trip to buenos Aires was this Saturday) So they needed an elder to baptize and the district leader and his companion (los Uruguayos because they are both from there) already had Michael to be baptized for today and the zone leaders had Debora being baptized today so our companionship was free so I was given the honor to baptize David. I dug out my white clothes dropped them off at the church and then ended over the Marco´s house to teach him and bring him to watch the baptisms.
So we get there and he comes stumbling out I thought it was because his broken leg until we realized he was completely drunk. So he starts yelling at us and saying a bunch of stuff and we are like Marco we can’t bring you into the church to watch the baptisms if you are wasted and have been drinking wine like crazy and he is like but I want to go and take me I want to go to church and we told him he couldn’t come and then by this point he stood up out of his chair and takes a step toward us and we take a step backwards because it seemed like he was about to hit us or something so we backed up slowly and he started yelling again and crying and saying all kinds of weird stuff and we just told him we will come back tomorrow for Sunday church and hope you are sober and we left. Then went to the church got in the waters at the service. I baptized David, the other baptisms happened it was a super spiritual experience and I loved to baptize. it was such a good feeling I described it like I felt my sins were being washed away but really they weren’t the sins of him were being washed I was just performing the ordinance and then I dunked him and gave him a hug then we went to change and had the rest of the service in the chapel and then once that ended we had banana bread and ice cream and then the assistants called the zone leaders and they told us that we were staying both of us and that we had the boundaries of our area changed.

Sunday we woke up went to look for Marco found him at his house he didn’t remember anything from yesterday he was completely normal again and he said he just needed to shower and change clothes and he would walk to church by himself. So we get to church have a normal three hours of church but Marco never showed up I don’t know what happen to him.  Then we went home lunch studied and then went out and visited some people didn’t really find many people. It was just a normal Sunday but now I’m preparing for this Sunday because it is conference.

Monday this was our first new day in this new area. So how it worked before was that the six of us in Guemes all shared like just one area I think I explained this before so we all proselyte and all work in the same area but not they have divided it. And the Uruguayos have everything from the church up so from 94 up is their area. The zone leaders have from the church 94 down until 74. And then my companion and I get this new area that is 74 and down until the beach or the port on the right side of street 59. So we are only on half the avenue the side that is close to and against the river. Which also means know our area covers two branches Guemes and Necochea. So Monday we took a bus all the way down to the port and then started really low and contacted our way up back towards the house. And that was just a normal day because we have no investigators so we just contacted all day just trying to find new people. 

Tuesday we contacted had lunch then went the zone meeting where we did our monthly planning. Then afterwards we stayed longer to talk with the hermanas because the hermanas are also over branch Necochea but their area is on the other side of avenue 59 so they cover everything in the branch that isn’t our area. So we talked with them they gave us a couple people that live in our area and then we had meeting with the mission leader and we talked about getting us started up and working then after that we had ward council with all the leaders and we talked some more so the whole afternoon and night we spent just in the church in branch Necochea.

Wednesday the zone leaders said the hermanas that lived in branch Centro had been transferred we already knew that from when they called about transfers on Saturday but the point is that house in Centro is vacant so we were allowed to move in there. So we packed up all our bags and stuff and now we moved over to a house in Centro over there and no we don’t have such a far walk to work in our area. Yesterday we literally spent all day moving our stuff cleaning the house getting our area book worked out setting up a map getting everything up and running so we can start to really work looking in the area book and everything. 

Today Thursday we had arroz con leche for breakfast and then we went and are writing and emailing this morning. I think we will go grocery shopping later today. So for now we got a newish area well the boundaries of our old area moved so we have a new area new branch to work with just got a new house and moved in. How is everyone back home and preparing for the spring and summer. Hope all of you guys are doing well and having fun. Thanks!!!

Elder Frampton