Thursday, February 25, 2016

2-18-16 (Week 25)

Dear family!

Thursday we played soccer at the church and that was super fun I’m starting to become pretty good surprisingly.

Friday an area Seventy came, Elder Resek and we took a bus to Mar del Plata and in the church there he talked to us and his wife and also President Cifuentes and his wife too and they talked about a lot of good stuff. Reviewed the concepts and ideas from a missionary broadcast that we saw like 3 weeks ago from Salt Lake. Shared cool stories and gave us good advice to talk to people and testify always and invite people to repent and how important repentance is for our investigators and the Sacrament also is super important too. Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts.

Saturday was a normal day we have no investigators because we are both new in the area and don’t know anyone so we contact like every day and just try to find people to teach and become investigators and stuff. So we proselyted all day

Sunday was church and I blessed the sacrament and then the five of us that are new to the area all bore our testimonies and welcomes. Then we went to Gospel Principles and that was really good we talked about Prayer the power of prayer and how to do it and the things we should say and just miracles and stories of prayer. Then Priesthood was about blessings like giving blessings of health and comfort and we addressed like school blessings. And it made me super grateful that every year Dad would give me a blessing to start the school year and I’m pretty sure that is like the only reason I did good in school haha. 

Monday again was searching and finding people to teach and to listen to us and everyone is either like busy or has company or family over or doesn’t believe in God or already has their religion. 

Tuesday we knocked on a door and a lady answered and we started talking and we found out she is an inactive member and we asked what happened why she left the church and she said because she had problems with the plan of salvation. She feels and believes that life is more of we live, we die, we reincarnate; she didn’t like the idea of the resurrection she believes in reincarnation. And she told us she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true. she has never denied that but she just doesn’t like the plan of salvation the whole spirit world and the three kingdoms that doesn’t seem right like the different levels of glory and then she started going off about how she doesn’t believe in being married for eternity and living with your family for forever. She started talking about like sex is only possible with our time right now on the Earth and like spirit child isn’t like possible because when we die we leave our bodies here and our spirits go and then far down the road we can all obtain eternal life right yes so we can all be gods and goddesses but we can’t have children because we are just spirits and spirits can’t make children they can create children like out of matter like how Heavenly Father made us like created us out of matter but can’t like have physical children. 
I was just sitting there like this is why we need the resurrection because we will all have perfect bodies and with a perfect body we can have children we will have bodies to make children. The whole thing just made me realize like how set in stone my thoughts and beliefs and understanding of the plan of salvation is. Like I know that this plan of salvation God has set up is 100 percent true and that I have a deep understanding of it and it is sad other people don’t understand it. Like I noticed I have a real strong testimony of the plan of salvation. Also this day much later in the day we finally found a lady who is super interested and told us to come back again and we left a pamphlet and everything and she might be a future investigator of ours and then also we found another lady that invited us into her house and we sat down and taught the Restoration on the first contact. We talked to her outside her house she invited us in and we taught the Restoration and she was just a contact so she is interested too and she will probably be a future investigator too. 

Wednesday, yesterday we played soccer in the morning and my companion sprained his ankle playing and now it is really hard for him to walk. And then our service was we cleaned all the windows at the church chapel and I liked that service cleaning windows is fun but it a little hard because they have huge metal bars on them like a jail. Then later that night we had meeting with the first counselor of the branch presidency and the mission leader and we talked about working with members and planning family nights and teaching and getting their help and about some of the new families in the ward and fellowshipping them and there is one new family just recently baptized. That afterwards we walk outside and they are all these guys like adults playing basketball and we joined in and I don’t know but I was really good and the other missionaries were surprised that I was actually good and the adult gangster ballers we were playing with thought I was good too. It was my first time playing basketball again and in Argentina and I was really good I guess I haven’t lost my touch. But I want to play volleyball in the future but I don’t know how we could possibly do that. I guess I will have to wait until winter when we can go to the beach and then we will play on the beach. 

I think that is all for this week it has been good I like the weather here and I think these are starting to pick up with the work here we are starting to find people that are interested. Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the weird weather in PA.

Elder Frampton

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