Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2-4-16 (Week 23)

Hello familia,

Friday we had a little appointment in the morning we just shared a scripture. Then at night we went to the house of a less active person who was baptized in Cordoba and his wife was baptized here and they have four kids. The two older kids we taught the Restauracion because we are working with them to be baptized. It was good but they didn’t really pay attention they wanted to go out and play with their friends or the other two younger siblings would distract them.

Saturday we went to a lady’s house who has had all the lessons read the book of Mormon literally has everything ready to be baptized just she has never come to church ever. she is an investigator of ours for like 8 months and she still has yet to come to church. We went to her house and the son answered and said no my mom isn’t here and then the other son came to the door and said yeah my mom is on her way down the steps. So she either told the one son to lie to us that she wasn’t there or the other son was just saying she is coming down the steps for who knows what reason. It was weird. Then we went and had lunch and studied and went to this less active person’s house again and taught again the two kids. Then we left and it started pouring rain so hard so we ducked under some random persons like roof of their garage and the guy who’s house it was came out and was like ohh come in come in. So we went in and his house is huge and he is rich and he tells us he is a retired banker and now he writes and sings music and he is this really famous folklore folk singer here in Argentina. And we talked about the church and he knew the guy who built our chapel here and so he already knows a little about us Mormons.

Sunday we went to church that was normal then we went home and ate and studied and then left and went contacting because we had nothing to do and no one to visit and we rang a doorbell and this old lady answered and said we had come just in time and we were exactly what she was waiting for and needed and we taught the Restoration and she talked to us about tons of stuff and she has heard of the other missionaries but none of them interested her or had what she needed and we were the ones that she liked the best. So she is a new investigator of ours a 73 old woman. Then we went to branch presidents house and he gave us a huge container filled with plum jelly or jam I don’t know which and we took it home and have been slowly eating it. 

Monday was exchanges or divisions again not with me or my companion but with the other elders so one elder from Castex came and we went to the terminal to pick him up and then we came back to the house and we all went to this place called McDany´s and we went inside and ate hamburgers and fries and I ordered what was called the Bic Mac. Haha this place was exactly like McDonalds just a rip off place that wasn’t as good as McDonalds.  Then we studied and went to find people and like 2 of our appointments fell through because no one was home or they just recently left and their kids tell us we just missed them. Then we all came back to the house a little early and we went to this ice cream place called Grido and we got this deal for 2 frozen pizzas and a kilo of ice cream for 130 pesos. And we took it back to the house and went and sat on the roof and ate our two pizzas and ate our ice cream that was mint chocolate chip, dulce de leche con brownie, cherry, and chocolate with almonds and it was good and then we all slept on the roof that night because it was hot in the house and it was really nice outside not hot or too cold a perfect night under the stars and I pointed out all the constellations and the planets for the other elders. Then we woke up in the morning.

Tuesday we traveled to Santa Rosa and had fun and did our normal Tuesday meeting with Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel and then took that picture of the zone and then signed each other’s journals and wrote nice things and just talked and chatted. Then we returned on the bus that night and we met this soccer player that sat next to us that was baptized when he was 8 but he is kind of inactive now and that is because the city or pueblo he lives in now doesn’t have a church or a chapel or anything. But we talked about the church and gospel and what he remembers and then talked a lot about soccer. 

Wednesday we woke up and studied and did weekly planning and then had lunch this Peruvian dish of some sort and then we went to a members house and did service. We cut down tons of branches and trees and trimmed all these branches and grass and stuff and then we went and dug mulch that was really dirt and then had to carry bags of it back to the house. And we were filthy so they sprayed us down with the house and water guns and then we were clean. Then we went home and changed and went to an appointment but it fell through and so we instead went and visited someone else that we had contacted a few days before and this lady let us in and we taught the Plan of Salvation because her father died and it was really good and super spiritual. And then we left and we went to this place that sells Choripan and we ate and then went back to the house and went to sleep.

Then today we woke up and prepared and then made croquets or croques for lunch and then are here writing and emailing. I hope everyone is doing good and staying safe and having fun. Keep reading the book of Mormon and if you aren’t reading right now start reading. Thanks for everything

Elder Frampton

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