Sunday, March 6, 2016

3-3-16 (week 27)

How is everyone,

Friday was just a normal day of contacting and visiting like the 3 or 4 people that we have as investigators. Then lunch, then studies then the night was normal. We visited this one lady we ran into the other day who is a Jehovah Witness. At first when we contacted her it didn’t go that well but as the more we talked and longer we did, we kind of grew on her and she said we could pass by another day. So we passed by this night and found her in her house and we taught the Restoration and she was like always going on and on that Jehovah is God not Jesus. And she at one point at the end was like wow our churches and beliefs are almost exactly the same except for this Joe Smith crazy thing. And we were just like what our churches are nothing alike you don’t even belief in a Restoration. But she liked the Book of Mormon and the whole Apostasy and everything leading up to the restoration. she just had a hard time with the First Vision and Joseph Smith that he saw Father and the Son. She said she would read the Book of Mormon and we said we would come back another day. Also the whole time I kept on looking over at the Son because he was on the computer playing World of Warcraft and I was like whoa he is running a Druid Tank combo in this raid (Ask Mike or Chris what that means) So I would watch him play when I would look over every now and then. There is a missionary here from Brazil and he speaks like perfect English and he learned how to speak and learned English from playing video games mainly World of Warcraft.

Saturday we went closer to the river and contacted to see what we could find over there. And we found one lady that spoke English because her and her husband lived in South Africa for 4 years. But she couldn’t talk much because she was baking a cake for her sobrino. Also keep in mind all the people that live by the river are rich, have huge river houses and pools and are kinda of old. Then we contacted another house and it was a lady and she talked to us for a while and her husband was in the shower. She is Catholic but doesn’t like to go to the church nor does she like the Pope right now. She says she has talked with the Mormons before and she knows a little about our church she says she has a book from us. Brings out a book that is titled like Hope. And I look inside it and it was a book from the Seventh Day Adventists. Then she tells us one of her sons when he was a teen was really good friends with a Mormon boy and the father tried to force the boy to go on a mission but the boy didn’t want to go, so one day he hung himself. And I was surprised, she said that scared her son for a while. Then we knocked one more house and a girl answered like her in 20s and had braces she was very nice and said we could come back some other day. 

Sunday was church; nothing super exciting. I helped an old lady walk to her car. Normal church came home, lunch, study, leave, contact. Went to one house looking for a lady named Deborah; we get there and no one answers then a car pulls up and they live there but it wasn’t her. it was her family and we talked with them and they were super interesting and we taught restoration in the sidewalk and gave them a Book of Mormon and they had tons of questions and wanted to know more about us personally and also what we do as missionaries and that kind of stuff and we just normal talked and it was super tranquil and then at the end they wanted to take a picture I guess many people don’t see or know Mormon missionaries. They were like super Italian too.

Monday we went back to the river and went to the house of the lady that we talked with before for a while and the husband answered and we talked with him and he was super interested too and he said he would let us in but he doesn’t have the keys to the gate to let us in but then right then the wife came home in the car and unlocked the gate and we all went inside and they talked for like an hour about the marines and navy and his time on the boats and all of that. and then they showed us there 15 page scrapbook of their 4 cats and we look at pictures of their cats for twenty minutes then we taught like half the restoration and it was time to go. Then before we left they asked if we could leave them with that special book we had and they asked us for a Book of Mormon even though we didn’t even talk about it or say anything because we only taught the first half of the restoration and then the lady told us the friend of the son who hung himself was a Jehovah Witness not a Mormon. The dad was trying to get the Jehovah Witness son to go out proselyting and the boy hung himself. I was so glad it wasn’t it a Mormon. 

Tuesday was zone conference and President Cifuentes came and he talked and his wife and the assistants and it was great and he taught many stuff how to teach better and contact better and lots of things I can’t say or write because they are important to me as a missionary so they would have like no use for normal people like you. But at the end he took questions from all of us and people asked all these profound great questions and he knew the answer for every one. Also the assistants to President are staying in our house this week to work with the zone leaders. So our house is a little crowded with 8 of us.

Wednesday we painted a house for service and then lunch, then planning for the week, and then we visited another girl but instead found her sister home and we talked with her and she is interested and then the sister the girl we were looking for came back and then we talked with both of them and they like the message of the restoration and said if they have time maybe they will come to church in the future maybe, not this Sunday but next. 

Today Thursday woke up played soccer at church, had pancakes for breakfast, and then went and took a picnic to the river and played chess and took pictures and had ham and cheese sandwiches and slept a little it was really peaceful. And now we left the river and are emailing now. 

It was a good week I enjoyed it. Hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves as well. What is the weather in the future looking like?

Elder Frampton

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