Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1-28-16 (week 22)

Hello all,

It was great to hear from everybody all about the snow and I’m a little jealous.

Friday we were teaching an investigator in the morning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then got to the part of baptism and just right before we were going to ask him to be baptized he said, ohh yeah this faith, repentance, baptism stuff I was baptized. And we were surprised and like by who and when and he says the Mormon missionaries like 10 years ago. So he shows us pictures that he has from his baptism and we were like wow this guy this whole time was just a really old less active member he has already been baptized. Haha we have been teaching him for like 2 or 3 weeks and it wasn’t until now when we were teaching the third lesson he tells us he is already baptized and a member. So he actually isn’t an investigator. Haha whatever. Then later that night we went to a referral we had and the guy that was referred to us lives across from the Jehovah Witness church and their church looks like almost exactly like ours -like the structure -the gate -the sign it was really creepy.

Saturday was a normal day we gave a blessing to an 88 year old man in the morning and then studied and then at night we went to the branch president’s house to return his keys for watching his dog all week.

Sunday woke up and it was raining so we walked to church with our umbrellas and in the rain. Got there sat in priesthood and in gospel doctrine and then got to help prepare the sacrament and then in the meeting I got to bless the sacrament and then I gave my talk and it was great 9 minutes long and I cut it a little short I still had a whole story I could have told and it would have used like 3 minutes more but I decided to give others a chance to speak. There were only 17 people in sacrament meeting, well in church for the branch so it was a small congregation. Then we went home still raining had ham and cheese sandwiches and then went out and looked for less active people and found like one person that was interested.

Monday was divisions so I went with the other American the district leader and the other elder who lives in the house from the ward. I came with me on exchanges for the day to work in my area. We contacted and taught like 2 lessons and the whole time I just tried to humble myself and listen to his counsel because he is the district leader but also is going home in March so he has like a year and a half on me. So I listened and he had some great instruction and advice and tips. Also we just spoke English the whole time and it was a good break and he helped me because he is really good in Spanish at talking with vos and he helped me because I want to learn.

Tuesday we were in Santa Rosa and that was normal like always fun and we talked about Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel and we did this game because one of the other games ended in a tie so we played this game where one person from each team has to just pop a balloon and then run and read something from Preach my Gospel about Christ like characteristics or attributes. Because that was the topic for this week. So the hard part was people were supposed to grab you and hold you and stop you from getting to the balloon so I go running and one elder picks me up and just like bear hugs me so I can’t get loose and then someone else came along and I wrestled like both of them and then I went for the balloon and someone grabbed it and passed it to like monkey in the middle for a second and then the second person dropped it and I dove on the floor on top of it and just landing on it by diving I popped it with my body weight and then I go sprinting for my Preach my gospel and I read one of the Christ like attributes and then I won and they were like wow you are too good of a fighter- not really but I won the game and broke the tie and won the whole thing for my team it was exciting.

Wednesday it rained like all morning so we couldn’t go out and we stayed inside and I just read like every Ensign and Liahona we have in the house and it was great I love the words of the prophets and apostles. Then we ate lunch and had weekly planning and then left for a part members house and we had a Noche Hogar or family night and talked about families and eternal families marrying forever and it was great and then we set a goal for the parents to get married in the temple and for the family to assist or to come the church this Sunday and then for their two oldest children to be baptized and they accepted to all of them we set some good goals.

Today Thursday we woke up did laundry have lunch and then here in the afternoon emailing and stuff. Did I already tell about a member of the Seventy coming in beginning of February it is going to be really cool. I think that is all for this week. Talk to you all next week hope you enjoy the snow clean up haha

Elder Frampton

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