Sunday, January 8, 2017


How is everyone and how goes it,

Friday was good normal day with lessons and lunch and everything and nothing really different happened. Short kind of feeling day.

Saturday woke up, ate went down to some investigators far away and then worked up towards our house for lunch and that worked alright. Then had lunch and studied left and had a few more lessons and then taught a lesson to someone it was supposed to be the mom and the son but the son invited over his 2 friends so they really distracted but they asked good questions about modern day apostles and prophets and Joseph Smith and what we are doing as missionaries in Argentina. So we really couldn’t teach what we had planned for the mom and son but we got to get the two friends kind of more interested and they seem a little intrigued now.

Sunday went to church that was good we had one investigator show up for the second and third hour a little girl that is 11. And then we got to sit in the Gospel Principles class and learn there and that was good and then third hour we read like a PowerPoint or something that the elders president threw on the wall and I couldn’t read it at all so when it got to my turn to read I walked to the front of the room and said I didn’t have my glasses and couldn’t see from back there so I read it from the front of the room and then walked back to my seat in the back. Then went home and lunched and afterwards instead of studies we actually went to the buses to do divisions with our district leader well really Elder Way from Quequen came and I was with him for the afternoon and we taught a good lesson to a lady who said she wants to quit smoking. then we taught a less active man and then another less active then we went to a recent convert's house and had a great lesson with him and the little sister who is an investigator but is normally too shy and doesn’t like us so she stays away but this time she stayed and help read the Book of Mormon and said the prayer and participated.

Monday still with Elder Way and we found like a perfect guy in the morning. This man says he is between the Catholic church and Evangelical church and he just wants to know what and which is the church of God and I was like haha you have the same situation as Joseph Smith and question and everything we taught him had a great lesson showed him a video left him with a pamphlet and book of Mormon and everything. Then we had lunch. Elder Way made homemade pizza and then we went back to the bus and switched companions again. This time I was with the district leader Elder Hansen. and we went and taught one lesson to a less active family and that was good but it is hard to follow the rules we followed them and were obedient but we had to like set the family straight and tell them we can’t eat with you anymore and also we are only allowed to stay in less actives house for 30 minutes now. And the wife seems a little angered like what the president hasn’t restricted food in like 20 years. Then we left and went home

Tuesday still with Elder Hansen we walked around in the morning looking for people to talk to and we found only 2 people then we went to the church in Guemes for correlation and that was good and then afterwards we didn’t have enough time to go home and lunch and all that so we had to eat lunch in Guemes with the other 4 guys that I kinda miss from last transfer and then get on the bus there and rode it to the church in Necochea and had the zone meeting which we switched back to my normal companion Elder Worth and also I had to give the spiritual thought and that was good and then the rest of the meeting was fun and that at the end the zone leaders gave me a chance to tell my joke: la tienda que vende carne se llama la carnicera y la tienda que vende pan se llama panader­a y el lugar que vende libros es la librer­a, como se llama el lugar que vende diarios? Then we left and taught a lesson to that 11 year old girl who we put to be baptized the 14th. And that was good and then we left and taught like 1 more person and then we went back to the church because we thought our investigators were there playing soccer but they weren’t but we talked with the young men and guys playing soccer there and then we talked with branch president and then talked and walked with the hermanas on the way home.

Wednesday we woke up and the service we did was clean the church in Guemes and that was good then went home and had lunch then studied and then left and taught a lesson with this 11 yr old girl and we had a member accompany us but we didn’t know the member was the guy who beat the brother of this investigator up last year. And that was super awkward and the grandmother argued with us a lot and didn’t agree with the apostasy and the restoration. The grandma got mad and yelled at us a little and we left and then went and taught this recent convert again and kinda told him what is up because he hasn’t been to church in 5 weeks. And what is he doing? We don’t know. Then we went home and did planning for the week and then went to bed.

This morning we chilled a little bit in the house and then came here to write and we learned of two things; first president sent a letter that the emailing for only 1 hour was a mistype or he messed up or something but our emailing is 2 hours it is staying at two hours. But also he said that p day is changing to Mondays it is changing back to Monday. So I am going to email this Monday again and then it will be Mondays from now on. And then two things of heads up is that remember this weekend is transfers so I may be staying I may be going I don’t know yet. But I guess I will tell you on Monday if I stayed or went. Also this Sunday because it is transfers we will not talk I don’t think. So next Sunday the 15th will be the rescheduled mother’s day so I will call or skype next Sunday the week after.
Take care and love and miss y’all!!!


Elder Frampton