Saturday, August 26, 2017

Brian's Bahia Blanca Argentina Mission

Brian was called to the Argentina Bahia Blanca on 13 April, 2015.
Provo Temple

Ordained an Elder on 14 June, 2015.

Went to Provo Temple on 16 June, 2015.

Farewell talk and set apart by President Brett Duersch on 23 August, 2015.

He reported to the MTC on August 26th.

Departs MTC Monday 5 October for Argentina (to arrive Tuesday morning)

Mission mailing address:
(Letters only. Do not send packages as high customs fees have to paid to receive them)

Elder Brian Frampton
Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission
Chacabuco 1755
8000 Bahia Blanca
Buenos Aires


MTC 8/26/15 - 10/05/15, Elder Sais
1st Companion, 10/6/15 - Elder Searcy, 1st Area - General Pico
2nd Companion, 11/23/15 - Elder Riveros (Paraguay)
3rd Companion, 2/11/16 - Elder Worth, 2nd Area - Necochea
4th Companion, 6/26/2016 - Elder Blazzard, 3rd Area - Carmen de Patagones in the zone of Viedma
5th Companion, Sep 2016, 4th Area - Necochea South
6th Companion, 4/10/17, Elder Gonzales 5th Area - Villa Mitre (Bahia Blanca)

Monday, July 3, 2017



Sorry this letter will be short because I don’t have much time I have been emailing other people. 

Wednesday service got canceled in the morning. Then we had zone meeting the zone is pretty chill some cool kids. I had to teach a class in the meeting and I got a little frustrated because everyone was talking and just messing around playing piano playing games walking around and no one was listening but I was like whatever. The class was good I just talked about Preach My Gospel. That night we had family night in the church and we talked about priesthood with the members there and it was just a few families that came.

Thursday we woke up normal morning went to a place called Western Union. Then lunch and studied and weekly planning and then had a lesson with like one person that afternoon and it was good and that was about it.

Friday woke up studied went out came back lunch study then went to a lesson with a guy,

Saturday woke up and then left went to a lesson and we are walking up to the house and two guys inside and we wave and they look at us and say adelante elderes. Don’t know how they know us so we enter and they are completely wasted like drunk out of their minds.  It was funny then we left and went home and then lunch then I went on divisions with Elder Avila from Mexico and we worked in his area found one lady that was less active and we taught her and then we left and went to the church at 6:30 for the movie or night of movies that we do every Saturday night and we watch The Work and the Glory part 2. And then that ended at like 9 and we went home.

Sunday woke up and went to church and there were only 27 members there so few people for such a big chapel and it looked empty the church and then gospel principles was normal my companion taught. Then 3rd hour we were combined and the elders quorum leader just chewed us out and how we could work better with the members and how do we get investigators in the church and what we must do and work with members and get our investigators to assist the church. And then after church the branch president talked to us that we need to host our movie nights better because supposedly our investigators broke like of the hymn book holders that holds the hymns on the back of the benches and then told us that we need to get there right at 6:30 and not start late because we got there at like 6:45. And he gave us a whole talk. Then went home and lunch and the night we found one guy and taught him and it was a normal lesson about the Restoration. Then we went to a less active families house and it was one of those families that has like 6 kids.

Today Monday woke up and came to Cyber to write and email and here we are. We have zone conference this Thursday with President Cifuentes so that will be fun. And today I think we will play basketball. That was it for the week. Stay safe and do fun stuff it is the summer. Have fun!!


Elder Frampton


Hello hello,

Hope everyone is doing good and staying cool.

Tuesday was a normal day we taught Horacio and he is set to get baptized next Saturday the 25. Then lunch and studies and the afternoon was long and we didn’t really find anyone

Wednesday we went and did service and I climbed up in a tree and climbed high then had to take out my handy dandy saw and saw off all the branches at the top because they were growing and making shade and the lady couldn’t grow her tomato plants because the branches of this tree weren’t allowing for enough shade. It was sweet and really cool service to do sawing branches from inside the tree I enjoyed it. Then we left and had lunch and studied and then planned for the next week and then went to correlation at night and that was good. Our missionary leader was in Mar del Plata because his wife is having a baby girl. So the mission assistant guy came to do correlation and he brought facturas for us. 

Thursday woke up and paid rent which was dumb and then went to Horacio finalized things for next Saturday. Then lunch and we had the zone meeting this afternoon and it was good we all brought snacks cookies cakes brownies a pastry of some sort it was great played games but also focused on the Spirit. And then we took this picture but I kinda am short. Then we left and went with a member to go teach a lesson and it was a great lesson and the member was really good this was the first member lesson we have had in a while now. 

Friday we walked around in the morning found no one went to Guemes and had lunch there which was rice and milanesas really good. Then we stayed there and worked in the area of the leaders of the zone so a mini reinforcements. And we worked and found them some good less active families to visit and we went looking for old investigators and it was nice to work and help out the leaders. But their area is sooo muddy and my shoes and my suit pants got so muddy and trashed I had to clean them really good on Sunday morning before church. 

Saturday we went and cleaned the church in the morning because it was our turn of the rotation for the branch. And then came back for lunch and was making some really good mac and cheese and then the call comes from the leaders saying Elder Worth is staying and his companion is Elder Lee another elder from our MTC group that we both know. And then for me I got transferred to Carmen de Patagones in the zone of Viedma. So I packed some stuff and then had lunch then we left to work and we had to visit a few people and we are walking around in the afternoon and all of a sudden I have to go to the bathroom so we are kinda far and we had to run back to the main road the 59 go to a gas station the only stores and places here in Argentina that have bathrooms. Then after that we went back and met with some people less actives and people and the rest of the night was good. Returned to the house and I finished packing. 

Sunday went to church no one knew I was leaving. And then after church we had lunch Sloppy Joes I rearranged some stuff in my suitcases then we left for the terminal and then got on the bus and headed to Bahia Blanca. On the bus there was 6 of us going to Bahia. one American who was leaving for home or dying one Argentine who was transferred to the Pampa one Hermana from Brazil that was also dying another Hermana also from Brazil that was also going to Viedma and another elder from Brazil that was going to be our zone leader in Viedma and then me. So on the bus I’m talking with the elder in English and then with the argentines talking on the bus and the three brasillanos are talking in Portuguese and my brain started to hurt like ouch gift of tongues. But I could understand the Brazilians really well Portuguese isn’t super different from Spanish. Then we got to Bahia at like 10. Then our bus for Viedma left at 4 in the morning so we waited in the terminal and I just talked with other elders and people that I knew. And it was fun to see people come and go from the terminal then we left for Viedma in a super rich bus and they gave us breakfast and we got here at 8 in the morning.

Monday then I met my companion Elder Blazzard from Idaho he has like 9 more months than me he will die in like 5 months. And we live in the house with Elder Evanson from Canada he is super cool like my best friend and I have only been here 1 day and his son who he is training is Elder Avula from Mexico. And then the other two guys in our district are Elder Sotterfield from Kansas also really cool guy and he is training his son Elder Gallardo from Chile. Yesterday I unpacked had lunch went out to work a little contacted around came home then we had dinner and we talked the whole night and now today is P day and here we are writing. So that is about it for this week pretty exciting week new companion new zone new area everything. Hope you are all doing good and having fun enjoy yourselves and take it easy. Miss and Love you all!!!


Elder Frampton


Buen dia,

Tuesday was good we studied then contacted around in the morning and then went back for lunch this week was good for lunches we had over the course of the week mac and cheese giant empanadas with meat and cheese meatball subs sloppy joes milanesas and French fries fideos or pasta with sauce and meat it was a good week. Then after whatever we had for lunch we had to make a game and a spiritual message for the zone meeting and we made up a little charades game it was really good. Went to the meeting played enjoyed had fun left taught that the recent convert little girl and her abuela. Then we had a lesson with a less active old lady who left the church when her super active husband died. Talked about the power of prayer and encouraged her to start praying again. The night was normal

Wednesday woke up went to church for service cleaned swept and did stuff there came home lunch.  Studied then did planning for the week and then left went to a recent converts house and walk in and his wife’s brothers are over one is 14 and the other is 5. The 14 one was on the laptop playing a game like seemed something like WoW or LoL but I wasn’t sure it was a magic game but was first person seemed cool though and the 5 year old was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and he was playing that game better than I played it. He was like Elder watch this and would like jump from one building to another and shot down this helicopter and doing all this stuff. I ask am cuantos autos robaste hoy and he told me like 10 or 11 cars he has robbed in the game. Haha yeah kids are starting younger and younger to play video games made me think of all those little kids like Kendall that know how to work the Ipads better than their parents. Then we left and went to correlation at the church that was good and we stayed a little to talk with mission leader and we knew he had gone to BYU but we didn’t know how long or if he knew English. So we asked he said only one semester and that he had to take a test and all this stuff then started talking in English and he had really really good English I was a little surprised. And we asked if he knew a little English before BYU and the test and before he started learning English he said as a kid he learned to speak and read English by playing the Pok√©mon games! Wow

Thursday we studied left contacted like all morning long taught a lesson to this one guy I always talk about Horacio and he really loved it but he asked some questions about tithing which wasn’t related because we were teaching L3 the gospel of Jesus Christ but we answered them anyway. Then had lunch and got ready to go to Quequen for these refuerzos there. I was companions with Elder Armstrong and we had the area to contact around the church in Quequen we only found like 4 or 5 people but it was nice to help out the elders there.

Friday studied in the morning a little left went and talked with a guy about word of wisdom and law of chastity for like an hour and a half then went and stopped by a few other houses one being of an inactive guy who works as a yoga teacher and is all like not latter day saint but instead like super yoga with like focusing the inner energy and chi meditating all the time and lighting incense and that kind of hippie yoga instructor stuff ying and yang. Then lunch and studied then went and taught a less active and he gave us some advice to look into the field of getting a job as a flight attendant it is only 1 year of school and you get to travel the world I might just looking into it. I could work flights from US to any Spanish country and supposedly it pays well. Then we had contacting the rest of night

Saturday woke up studied and then taught a less active old lady she talked about E. Coli and sicknesses and stuff and a dog bite her and now she can’t move her one leg and when she was little this dog bit her like 4 times and now her leg is messed up she can’t walk it has some infection over the years. Then a recent convert and that was a normal read the Book of Mormon together. Lunch and then studies and then the afternoon was visiting people contacting talked with another less active normal slow night

Sunday church and then lunch studied all of that was the same for the most part church there was only 42 people. Then afterwards took sacrament to a guy and talked about his conversion story and lots of things. Then talked with some other people and an investigator that we found for luck because he normally is really busy being a police officer and stuff. Then we talked with another crazy guy and went home and the slept good.

Today woke up breakfasted came here to cyber to write. Everyone talks about the copa America and soccer and everything. US is doing kinda good it seems. That was the week and transfers calls is this Saturday so we will see this week if I go somewhere or if I stay and what happens. Last transfer only 1 of the 22 of us left in the zone so I think this transfer a lot will leave. We will wait and see. Thanks to everyone!

Elder Frampton


Buen dia,

This week was good normally I start with Tuesday but I feel the need to describe last Monday night first.

So we finish Pday and start working and we go to visit an investigator and he answers the door and tells us to come back next Sunday so we leave his door step go for another investigator the one that sells choripan and we pass his house and he isn’t home his lock isn’t there either which is rare because normally he locks his door with a huge lock from the outside. Then we went for one more guy that night that we had an appointment at 8 and we knock and his brother answers and says he isn’t home and hasn’t been home all day so whatever.

Anyway Tuesday we go to this one guy Horacio I think I talked about him before he is great and we teach him plan of salvation and we are sitting there and asking what does the atonement mean for you or what does the word agency mean and his wife pulls out a notebook and tells us she read the whole pamphlet twice and took notes and she defined everything in her own words and she reads us her definition of agency and atonement and they were perfect his wife is just as great as he is and they both of been reading the book of Mormon and we had a great lesson and then we left and went to Guemes because we were to have a correlation but we got there late and it already ended so we had to walk all the way back to our house and then we ordered the sushi some California rolls and soy sauce and cheese rolls and shrimp and rice and all this good sushi I didn’t even know the name of and we ate with chopsticks and I felt like Korean Chris in his mission with my chopsticks. Then we went to zone meeting and that was good the usual stuff and the afternoon we contacted like the whole night and we found 4 good guys and we ended up having lessons with 2 of them and it was good and then we visited another investigator and he said he was leaving town to go visit his son in another pueblo in La Dulce. 

Wednesday was good and for service we helped pull weeds and dig up dirt and plants break bricks and stones and completely destroys a garden but it is because this recent convert needed everything raked and hoed and destroyed and dug so he could start fresh and plant a new garden. We found tons of worms and we collected them all so he could use the worms when he went fishing reminded me of Dad and I and fishing in the lakes with little worms and when I would use hot dogs haha. Then we went home showered and did weekly planning. The night was correlation in Necochea and that was good but then we finished and a lady who lives next door came and talk to us and our mission leader and said that recently those hooligans have been breaking into the basketball court of the church in the night and play basketball at 2:30 in the morning and she doesn’t know what to do call our branch president or the police or who. 

Thursday was a slow morning and we had lunch studied then had a lesson with a recent convert and then contacted the whole night and it was a really kind of slow nothing happened day but we did find a Dry Cleaners really far and deep into our area so we are thinking of going there in the future to dry clean and get our suits clean. Yeah drycleaners exist here. Finally found one. 

Friday we found out that that great couple Horacio and his wife, Alicia, got really sick and we went over to their house to see if they are alright. They sound pretty bad and they don’t know what it is not the flu definitely. So we went home and then the afternoon and night we did something called refuerzos like reinforcements and all the missionaries here in Necochea and Quequen we all went and worked in the hermanas area close to the beach and that way the 5 or 6 of us companionships contacted a ton and taught people and just found and talked to people in the hermanas area and did tons of work for them. And this week we have it again but this time we all go to Quequen and we do tons of work for them. So that night was good I was with Elder Way in these reinforcements and we headed to the richest most cheto area of the hermanas and we talked with all the rich people which equaled that we got rejected 30 or 40 times we knocked so many houses and only found 8 good people. Every house had a guard dog had two floor which a two story house is rare here but every house in this area was two floors had a garage also rare in Argentina and their houses took up half the neighborhood and half the street. It was literally like walking in an area in United States the houses were bigger than our house. It was the weirdest thing like the hermanas have this really rich area that has tons of houses that are like houses that could be found in USA.

Saturday we had another slow morning a good lunch to start the fast then the afternoon and night was we went to Guemes because the missionaries there one twisted or sprained his ankle so he has to sit in bed all day recovering so we went to their house and my companion stayed with him in bed while I left on divisions with his companion and we worked in his area (or otherwise part of my old area two transfers ago) It felt so familiar and good to be back we past for his investigators but also some people that I mentioned if we could go for that I remembered from 3 months ago. So that was the night me on divisions in another area which had part of my old area and my companion stayed with the other elder that can’t walk because of his ankle. 

Sunday church forgot my money for fast offerings whoops. And then went home church was normal no one came, no one showed up and had macaroni and cheese for lunch and that was really good! Then the afternoon we kind of went home teaching we went and visited 3 less active families and 2 recent converts and it was like these 5 families that didn’t show up at the church that day. It was a nice chill afternoon though just talking with the members and encouraging them and animating them to come to church next week. 

Today we woke up had breakfast and came to email now we aren’t really have anything fun planned for the afternoon but who knows. It was really rainy here all week. Hope you guys are enjoying the heat! Miss y'all talk to you next week!!


Elder Frampton


I think I wasted too much time emailing all of you separately so I don’t have a lot of time to email a big long letter now but anyway

Tuesday morning normal we were on mini divisions with those kids from Tres Arroyos that are in our house and we contacted like all morning and found lots of people. Zone meeting was normal then some lessons afterwards and they all fell through. 

Wednesday we had service with an investigator Teresa and we cut down a tree that was leaning and collapsing on her house so we cut all the branches and thick trunk and everything but the tree fell on top of her garden and plants and crushed everything whoops. But then we carried the tree and branches and put it in the road for the trash guys to come get it. Then lunch and we had weekly planning and then we went and taught one person in the afternoon and that was the day

Thursday planning monthly then visited a guy in the morning and he has a lot of interest and he asked where he could buy a book of Mormon and we told him we could give him one for free so I did. Then the afternoon we past for some less active people and found like 2 or 3 people. Then had correlation and that went good our lider misional is really good and gives helpful advice. 

Friday woke up and morning was boring and normal and then the afternoon was like 3 lessons and then went really good and we found one good guy at the end of the night named Maximiliano and he has some good intentions too and we will check on him and teach him tonight or tomorrow I think

Saturday we went and taught the guy we gave that book of Mormon too and he already knows everything about the church read the whole introduction of the book and prayed knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and everything told us not a doubt in his mind all of this happen and loves reading about the nefites and lamanites and was telling us everything but we taught he restoration to him and his wife and his wife is super interested too and then we invited them to a baptism that was being held in the church that night and he said he would come at 5 when it started. Great lesson great guy already prepared and has a testimony maybe just a few more weeks and he could easily get baptized. Afternoon went to teach a lesson at about 4 and we get a call that this guy Horacio the guy we taught that morning is waiting at the church for the baptism so we go over to the church and he had gotten there an hour early and he explained he knew it was at 5 but for some reason he started preparing himself and left his house at 3 got to the church at 4 and the baptism didn’t start until 5. It was great some young man got baptized by the leaders of zona. He loved the service and he had lots of great questions. We invited him to come back to church the next day and he could watch the confirmation. He said sure. 

Sunday we go to church and he was there and wow this Horacio guy is sooo good. Then we had church and sacrament meeting was great and gospel principles was great and then combined third hour talked about Elder Stevenson his last talk in conference that he lost his keys skiing and we talked about priesthood keys and read scriptures and I like over and I see Horacio is on his phone but then I watched him type down all the scriptures manually and record them so he could look them up when he got him he asks me what is this one scripture doctrine and covenants and I explained. Then after church we had lunch and then went and visited some people a less active family took the sacrament and then a recent convert and then another recent convert and then elder Worth realizes he doesn’t have the phone he may have lost it but we got home last night and it was just sitting there on the desk we never brought it in the first place it was a small scare but we thought he left it at someone’s house or dropped it in street or something.

Today Monday we had breakfast and came here to write and if the rain ever lets up we will play soccer at 2. But yeah the weather kind of stinks here it rains all day every day this week and last week. Hope everyone is doing good and having fun! Relax and have fun at the picnic today. Miss yall


Elder Frampton


How is everyone,

Tuesday started off waking up and contacting and then lunch and studied and then went and taught last minute things and organized things for this girl getting baptized. Then afterwards went and visited like a couple more people and didn’t really find anyone.

Wednesday service was we went to the church in Guemes and swept and cleaned up and just cleaned inside the church and then we went home for lunch and studied and then planned for the week by doing weekly planning and then went to a lady’s house but she didn’t answer the door so then we went to a recent convert and in his house the light bulb burnt out so we talked and taught and watched a little video all in the dark and then his sister came home with a new light bulb so we installed it and then his mom came home and she asked for a blessing so I gave that and she is like really inactive and she talked with us after the blessing and told us like she wants to and needs to come to church because she feels like she has a whole in her life like something is missing and she knows it is the gospel coming back to the church and she just feels like really dark and heavy and she wants to repent and come back and she said she would come to church on Sunday and talk with president of the branch.  Then we went over to the hermanas house to pick up a plate that I had gave them a few weeks back and also some ties because I gave them some of my ties so they could sew them because they were falling apart and ripped a little. 

Thursday we contacted in the morning and then and talked with a guy and he was leaving he said he is moving to Mar del Plata. Then we went home after another kind of unsuccessful cold morning and studied and then went over to that girl’s house to plan out last minute things for the baptism and we had to bring the form that the grandma had to sign and fill in all the information. Then we went and taught another guy that night and he is great we put a date to be baptized for the 4 of June but he needs to either marry his misses first or needs to move out and live in another house than her because he is breaking the law of chastity right now living with his Senora. Then we had correlation that night with the mission leader and that was good.

Friday another morning normal with nothing and then the afternoon we taught a less active member and then went for some others at night and found no one at night either so it was a really slow day Fridays are normally not good days.

Saturday the morning taught a recent convert and talked with like 2 other people a better morning then lunch and then after lunch we headed over to the church but we didn’t have the keys to the font door so I had to climb over the gate in front of the font because the door was locked and started filling up the font but wait first the font was really dirty so I had to climb down farther into it and clean and sweep everything and I found lots of beetles and then two giant spiders like bigger than quarters. Then turned the water on to wash it a little and started filling it but there was only cold water like ice cold water so we had to figure out how to turn on the water heater in the church. And then our mission leader shows up and he helps us and we go to light the heater but it must have had some like trapped gas built up in it or there was a lot of gas or something because he and I went to hold the pilot button down while he went to light it and all the gas in there just exploded into a huge fire ball and made a huge explosion noise and he scared the both of us pretty good. And then we started filling the font with hot water and then as it filled we just sat around and talked set up chairs stuff like that then it got to about an hour before the baptism so like 5 and the font was only like a little more than half filled and we needed more water so we got buckets and we threw in water from the bathroom and the kitchen and brought water from the sinks and helped to fill it faster and in time for the baptism at 6. And then people start to arrive and the family of the girl arrives and the grandma tells us a story her cuada is dying and they were almost going to postpone the baptism and leave to go to the dying family member but she thought the baptism is more important so luckily they came and then my companion baptized her and everything went good and then the branch president pulled me aside and asked if I could confirm her and I was like yeah sure but we normally don’t confirm until sacrament meeting the next day but he explained the story to me again about the dying cuada and how the family isn’t coming to church tomorrow so he is using executive authority to confirm her tonight. So I did the confirmation and it was really cool and super spiritual for me, then that was the end of the day.

Sunday so that family didn’t come to church because they left to go to the aid of the sister in law and neither did that inactive lady we gave a blessing too earlier in the week all because she said she couldn’t find a dress a skirt or whatever and felt bad if she would show up in pants so she said it was better if she didn’t come. We were surprised and like seriously you didn’t come because you couldn’t find something to wear. Then we took the sacrament to someone’s house and then visited some people and then went and taught a recent convert about preparing for the Melchizedek priesthood and then last night 4 guys from Tres Arroyos came and slept in our house Monday.

Then this morning woke up early left and went to like a fancy pasteleria like a small coffee shop got a dozen facturas and ordered hot chocolate and we had a sweet breakfast and then we are here in Cyber a really big fancy cyber the first time I’ve ever been here but I will send pictures. And today is p day for the zone and we are going to the beach and the port to see the sea lions and play soccer on the beach and have fun like the 20 missionaries of us. 

It was a good week. Hope everyone is doing well and having fun good luck with the upcoming summer lucky ducks. Work hard but also remember to relax and take breaks and days off and stuff hang out as a family and do stuff together. 


Elder Frampton