Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1-21-16 (week 21)


This week was good. I don’t even know where to start. I need to know how to get the stains out of the collars of my white shirts.

So last Thursday was the P day of the zone and we were at the Laguna in Santa Rosa; had hot dogs and banana bread soda played baseball then raced and ran a little on the track there. Then passed the volleyball around and had a little water fight then left. And right when we left it started pouring rain and we finished our p day just in time. Then went back to the zone leader’s house changed and went to the terminal and got on the bus back to Pico Thursday night.

Friday was good taught 3 lessons in the morning invited all of the 3 different people to church on Sunday and none of them ended up showing up. We then had lunch and studied then went over to the branch president’s house and he told us he needed us to watch his dog from Saturday until this Friday which is tomorrow. 

Saturday we had macaroni and cheese for lunch and then I don’t remember what we did the rest of the day because nothing is in my agenda. But that night Elder Riveros had to prepare his talk for Sunday so he wrote that at night.

Sunday church was only 25 people. Then we went and studied, had lunch and left in the afternoon, went and visited this less active family. We get there and two of the four kids are there and they tell us the dad is with the other two kids shopping in central so we waited until he got back. When he returned he said he just quickly had to get his wife from work and would be right back to talk with us so he hops in the truck and drives and comes back like 8 minutes later with the wife and then they get back and go in the house and then they come out hop in the truck and the four kids hop in the back in the bed of the truck and they go racing off and we just stood there like what in the world just happened. Then we just talk with the neighbor because they are members and we told them the story and just talked and about other missionaries and people that were in our area before. Then they invited us over the next day just to talk and have a little snack.

Monday we woke up and went and taught 1 lesson then talked with another investigator because he didn’t have time for a full lesson; that is why we could just talk for a little and he gave us a referral for his friend and told us just go straight and turn left at street 13 and he lives across from the evangelical church. So we do what he says and we found the house but it was across from the Jehovah Witnesses church. Then we went home and had lunch and studied then left to go this member’s house from the day before and we talked and had potato chips and cheese curls and just chatted for 45 minutes or so and on their television I could see the whole time was Harry Potter 4 Goblet of Fire. Then we left went to someone else’s house and talked and then went home and packed to go to Santa Rosa for Tuesday

Tuesday we traveled to Santa Rosa and brought with us hot dogs for lunch to eat there. We get there and go to the church and have our normal zone meeting and then they tell us the next day Wednesday is a worldwide broadcast for all the missionaries in the world streaming from Salt Lake at 2 and we just have to meet at the church tomorrow again to watch it. Then we left the church when the zone meeting ended and the zone leader, Elder Chronister tells me I get to go with him on exchanges and we are going to go to Toay because I guess there are not enough beds in Santa Rosa for all the elders. so us two Elder Chronister and he chose me get to go to Toay only a like 15 minute bus ride from Santa Rosa for the night. We get there and we find the apartment of the missionaries of Toay and we unload our stuff and our clothes and with our scriptures go out to proselyte for about 2 hours there. And we are walking along and he tells me here lets contact this guy and we say hello we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ and the man says ohh hello elders and we are like oh are you a member. And sure enough this guy is a member and he talked with us for a little bit and then gave us two references said just 6 blocks straight and then turn left and the first 2 houses. So we walk about 3 blocks and then get stopped by 3 evangelico boys and they ask about the Book of Mormon and the book of Revelations and the second coming and all this and just lots of questions and saying stuff from the bible and the Elder Chronister just started going off and had all the answers and then I contributed with an answer from the Bible because he didn’t know the answer and I did. And then they asked us about why we are serving in Argentina and about missions and stuff. And the whole time 2 of the boys were being really nice and respectful of our differences in religion and the 3rd boy was just yelling and not being nice and at the end they ask - do you guys leave things behind in America and we answered yeah our families and our school and everything and the third kid asks okay then so what’s really more important your God or your life and Elder Chronister is like well uhh I came here and was serving in Mar de Plata and got stabbed so God is definitely more important if we are here in a foreign land and I almost gave my life for God in his service. And the kid totally shut up after that. Then we left and went back to the apartment so in result these 3 kids stopped us and we never got to visit the 2 less active referrals the member gave us. And Elder Chronister says I bet these evangelical boys were put in our path from Satan just to distract us and waste our time and that way we never got to visit those two referrals that we had. So we get to the apartment and had these huge hamburgers that we bought and this hamburger was literally the size of my face really like face size it was so delicious. Then he gets a call from his companion the other zone leader and he says uh Elder Riveros cut his arm in the fan and it is really bad I think he needs stitches and we need to go the hospital. so Elder Chronister says okay fine take him to the hospital I will meet you guys there and he leaves in a taxi and I am with the 2 elders from Toay for the night

Wednesday we wake up and we go to a lady's house to do service but the lady wasn’t even home so we called and she said we would have to postpone until another day. So we went back and changed into our clothes and then hopped on the bus to Santa Rosa and got to the church there and we watched the conference and it was soo good - Elder Andersen and Oaks and Sister Oscarson and Elder Waddell and Elder Clayton and they gave so good advice and exactly what the missionaries of the world needed to hear. Then I asked Elder Riveros how he was and he showed me he got two stitches in his elbow but it really wasn’t that big of a cut, I think everyone just overreacted. Then they handed out letters and boxes that had arrived from the office in Bahia Blanca and I got 2 boxes 1 from the Hagginbothom family Lexi and the other Tio Jaime and Tia Kathy the Velez family. And had cards from the Knights, Maly, Margo, 2 from Mom and I think that was it. The Velez family sent me a tie and socks and chocolate and candy and then each one of them all wrote me a card from each one of the kids. And they were so touching and I read them and it inspired me and gave a big boost of energy. Then we hopped on the bus back to Pico after the conference ended and got back last night.

Today Thursday we woke up did a little laundry had porotos with tomato and onion and this tortilla things Elder Riveros made with flour, onion, hot dog and cooked them in the pan they are like little biscuit things but taste great. Now we are here emailing and stuff. That is it for this week I think. I probably should get all the emails for the people who send me stuff so I can send thank you emails and thank them for sending me cards and things. Thanks to all and talk to all of you next Thursday it is almost the end of the month and close to February.

Elder Frampton

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