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2-11-16 (Week 2)

2-11-16 (Week 2)

This week was good.

Friday was a pretty normal day woke up went and worked in the morning visited a few people and then went to this one guys house Francisco and he gave us just some little bread and juice to have and we read a scripture and just talked - he is less active. Then went home studied and left in the afternoon and went to this family Ezekiel and just talked to the father. Then we played marbles with his son. 

Saturday had breakfast went and visited an 88 year old guy we visit like every Saturday and he is doing well has recovered his health a bit and then we went to another lady’s house afterwards. This lady we contacted like last Sunday and taught the Restoration and then passed by this day to talk with her and teach Plan of Salvation but we only got like a quarter way through it and had to stop on the Fall of Adam and Eve. She had her daughter or a grandson or someone coming over so we left her with the pamphlet and told her to read the rest. 

Then we left the house and the district leader called and said that transfer calls had arrived. He said Elder Riveros is going to stay and his companion will be another Paraguay, Elder Paredes. And then for myself I would be going to Zone Necochea and to the Guemes branch and my companion would be Elder Worth a missionary who was in the MTC the same time as me and we were on the plane ride over to Argentina so I already kind of remember and know him a little. So then we went back to the house had lunch and then I spent the rest of the day packing up my stuff. It was a pain to put all my stuff and try to fit them in the suitcase. 

Sunday was normal church I bore my testimony and also gave a little goodbye that I would be heading to Guemes. Testimony meeting was good. Then after church I took a few pictures with the members I will have to send those next week. Then we went home and I had lunch then took my stuff to the terminal and got on a bus to Santa Rosa. We left General Pico at about 6 got to Santa Rosa at 8. I was and had been traveling with the district leader the other US elder because he got transferred to Mar del Plata. Then there the zone leaders met us there and also another missionary Elder Simpson who is going home this past transfer. And they told us our bus from Santa Rosa to Bahia Blanca doesn’t leave until 3:45 in the morning. So we sat at the terminal from 8 to almost 4 in the morning. And it was interesting we talked the whole time and then we bought these really delicious hamburgers they have at the terminal that had like everything on it, it was sooo good. Like egg peppers chimchurri lettuce tomato onion salsa picante I loved it. Then at the tvs at the terminal they had on one tv a random soccer game but on the other tv they had the super bowl playing so we watched a little of that. Then finally got on the bus to Bahia.

Monday this is when we got on the bus 3:45 in the morning. I slept the whole time and woke up when we got there at about 8 that morning. We got off the bus and entered the terminal and like tons of other missionaries were there in Bahia because that is like the central place everyone goes for transfers so all missionaries being transferred we were all in Bahia terminal. We got our tickets and the bus from Bahia to Necochea leaves at 10:30 at night. So we had to wait in the terminal from 8 that morning until 10:30 that night. Well first we went for lunch at 12 and went to this place called Bamboo it is a buffet and it was soo delicious. I had meat shrimp salad of lettuce and tomato fruits like peaches grapefruit, apples, lots of bananas,  fries onion rings that had so much stuff I then I had some cake and dessert and then went for ice cream and got lemon flavor ice cream. Then we left the restaurant and went back to the terminal and then sat down and talked and just enjoyed all the missionaries being there together. Then one by one each group left one group going to the Pampa left at 6 then people going to Olivarria at like 8 then others left in between then we got on our bus at 10:30 and then last the people who were going to Mar del Plata were still there when we left because their bus didn’t leave until 11:30. Also I met in the terminal seeing all the other missionaries an Elder O´Rourke from Philadelphia Pennsylvania he is in the Philadelphia stake we talked a lot because we are the only 2 people in the whole mission from PA. 

Tuesday remember we got on our bus at 10:30 so then arrived in Necochea at 4 this morning in the morning. And got off and went to the apartment and we live with 4 other elders including the zone leaders. Elder Osorio from Utah and Elder Yeates from Washington State are the zone leaders then Elder Worth and I and then Elder Ortega from Uruguay and he is training a brand new missionary also from Uruguay. The six of us live together in this small little house with one bathroom. I will have to take a picture. Then we worked like all the day.

Wednesday we went for service in the morning and filled in potholes in the road then planned for the week and worked the afternoon. And that is it for this week. I will have to talk more next week we both still don’t know the area and we are new to Necochea and just getting to know the people.

Elder Frampton

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