Sunday, January 17, 2016

1-14-16 (Week 20)

This week has been pretty fun so far. Let’s see I wrote last Thursday so I guess I will start with Friday. 

Friday was just a normal day contacting teaching I don’t remember what we had for lunch. It was a normal day. 

Saturday same thing normal teaching finding looking for people kind of day. Had torillas and chorizo with potatoes. Studied then the night was pretty normal just trying to find new investigators or new people to teach. 

Sunday was church I was really tired I don’t know why; fell asleep a little in priesthood then Sunday school is about the Book of Mormon and that is always fun. Sacrament meeting was good I have to give a talk in like 2 Sundays though. Returned to the house and had ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch studied and then proselyted at night like always. 

Monday was normal wake up eat breakfast went out to contact and we were walking along when a boy comes up to us and says I have an amiga that wants to talk to you guys. So we are like okay follow him to a house and then meet these amigas that want to talk they are sitting in the corner like in the shadows with a beer in one hand and smoking cigarette in the other. And they are like ohh the Mormons and we talk and they ask all these weird questions did we come from Adam and Eve or did we come from monkeys. And I said Adam and Eve were our first parents and we came from them but I don’t deny the fact that science exists and God created animals with the potential to evolve. That is true, evolution exists but we didn’t evolve from monkeys, we are the descendants of Adam and Eve. Then they asked what other stuff we believe in and why and how are we different from other churches. They then talked about their church un banda. Or known as bandistas quimbanda and umbanda. Look it up. It is stuff like magic. And then we talked about the Bible and they read something and I read something and when it didn’t match they were super mad and like, we have the bible of god, your bible is not the word of god, then I was like let me see your bible. Their bible was Reina Valera 1960 and the bible we use to Reina Valera 2009. I told them we have the same bible same reina same edition everything just theirs is old from 1960 and ours is recent from 2009. Then we left. It was a weird and interesting experience.
Then we went home and had lunch which was gnocchi like fideos with potato inside. Then the rest of the day was normal after lunch the other elders made banana bread. 

Tuesday went to Santa Rosa for the normal zone meeting. We tye dyed shirts for the zone. That was good stayed here in Santa Rosa, proselyted in the area of the zone leaders. Then that night slept in their apartment and they said I had a package handed me a box I opened it and it was my Minion PJs and my stockings from Christmas with two little ornaments and I think bottles of hand sanitizer. My box came and I love my PJs. Thanks!!! 

Wednesday still here went to the church and cleaned the church I washed windows because Wednesdays are our service days and we cleaned for service. Then afterwards went out for burgers. Then went back to the apartment and proselyted in the area of the zone leaders again actually found three good people for them. 

Thursday or today here in Santa Rosa we stayed here because today is zone p day we are going to the Laguna to play futbol and roast hot dogs and just have fun as a zone on p day. 

We are emailing right now and we leave for the Laguna in like 30 minutes so I better be going. It was good to email and talk to you guys. Have a good week. I will tell you all about today and the p day next Thursday. Talk to you then! And thanks again for the package.



Elder Frampton



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