Monday, July 3, 2017


Buen dia,

This week was good normally I start with Tuesday but I feel the need to describe last Monday night first.

So we finish Pday and start working and we go to visit an investigator and he answers the door and tells us to come back next Sunday so we leave his door step go for another investigator the one that sells choripan and we pass his house and he isn’t home his lock isn’t there either which is rare because normally he locks his door with a huge lock from the outside. Then we went for one more guy that night that we had an appointment at 8 and we knock and his brother answers and says he isn’t home and hasn’t been home all day so whatever.

Anyway Tuesday we go to this one guy Horacio I think I talked about him before he is great and we teach him plan of salvation and we are sitting there and asking what does the atonement mean for you or what does the word agency mean and his wife pulls out a notebook and tells us she read the whole pamphlet twice and took notes and she defined everything in her own words and she reads us her definition of agency and atonement and they were perfect his wife is just as great as he is and they both of been reading the book of Mormon and we had a great lesson and then we left and went to Guemes because we were to have a correlation but we got there late and it already ended so we had to walk all the way back to our house and then we ordered the sushi some California rolls and soy sauce and cheese rolls and shrimp and rice and all this good sushi I didn’t even know the name of and we ate with chopsticks and I felt like Korean Chris in his mission with my chopsticks. Then we went to zone meeting and that was good the usual stuff and the afternoon we contacted like the whole night and we found 4 good guys and we ended up having lessons with 2 of them and it was good and then we visited another investigator and he said he was leaving town to go visit his son in another pueblo in La Dulce. 

Wednesday was good and for service we helped pull weeds and dig up dirt and plants break bricks and stones and completely destroys a garden but it is because this recent convert needed everything raked and hoed and destroyed and dug so he could start fresh and plant a new garden. We found tons of worms and we collected them all so he could use the worms when he went fishing reminded me of Dad and I and fishing in the lakes with little worms and when I would use hot dogs haha. Then we went home showered and did weekly planning. The night was correlation in Necochea and that was good but then we finished and a lady who lives next door came and talk to us and our mission leader and said that recently those hooligans have been breaking into the basketball court of the church in the night and play basketball at 2:30 in the morning and she doesn’t know what to do call our branch president or the police or who. 

Thursday was a slow morning and we had lunch studied then had a lesson with a recent convert and then contacted the whole night and it was a really kind of slow nothing happened day but we did find a Dry Cleaners really far and deep into our area so we are thinking of going there in the future to dry clean and get our suits clean. Yeah drycleaners exist here. Finally found one. 

Friday we found out that that great couple Horacio and his wife, Alicia, got really sick and we went over to their house to see if they are alright. They sound pretty bad and they don’t know what it is not the flu definitely. So we went home and then the afternoon and night we did something called refuerzos like reinforcements and all the missionaries here in Necochea and Quequen we all went and worked in the hermanas area close to the beach and that way the 5 or 6 of us companionships contacted a ton and taught people and just found and talked to people in the hermanas area and did tons of work for them. And this week we have it again but this time we all go to Quequen and we do tons of work for them. So that night was good I was with Elder Way in these reinforcements and we headed to the richest most cheto area of the hermanas and we talked with all the rich people which equaled that we got rejected 30 or 40 times we knocked so many houses and only found 8 good people. Every house had a guard dog had two floor which a two story house is rare here but every house in this area was two floors had a garage also rare in Argentina and their houses took up half the neighborhood and half the street. It was literally like walking in an area in United States the houses were bigger than our house. It was the weirdest thing like the hermanas have this really rich area that has tons of houses that are like houses that could be found in USA.

Saturday we had another slow morning a good lunch to start the fast then the afternoon and night was we went to Guemes because the missionaries there one twisted or sprained his ankle so he has to sit in bed all day recovering so we went to their house and my companion stayed with him in bed while I left on divisions with his companion and we worked in his area (or otherwise part of my old area two transfers ago) It felt so familiar and good to be back we past for his investigators but also some people that I mentioned if we could go for that I remembered from 3 months ago. So that was the night me on divisions in another area which had part of my old area and my companion stayed with the other elder that can’t walk because of his ankle. 

Sunday church forgot my money for fast offerings whoops. And then went home church was normal no one came, no one showed up and had macaroni and cheese for lunch and that was really good! Then the afternoon we kind of went home teaching we went and visited 3 less active families and 2 recent converts and it was like these 5 families that didn’t show up at the church that day. It was a nice chill afternoon though just talking with the members and encouraging them and animating them to come to church next week. 

Today we woke up had breakfast and came to email now we aren’t really have anything fun planned for the afternoon but who knows. It was really rainy here all week. Hope you guys are enjoying the heat! Miss y'all talk to you next week!!


Elder Frampton

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