Monday, July 3, 2017


Hello hello,

Hope everyone is doing good and staying cool.

Tuesday was a normal day we taught Horacio and he is set to get baptized next Saturday the 25. Then lunch and studies and the afternoon was long and we didn’t really find anyone

Wednesday we went and did service and I climbed up in a tree and climbed high then had to take out my handy dandy saw and saw off all the branches at the top because they were growing and making shade and the lady couldn’t grow her tomato plants because the branches of this tree weren’t allowing for enough shade. It was sweet and really cool service to do sawing branches from inside the tree I enjoyed it. Then we left and had lunch and studied and then planned for the next week and then went to correlation at night and that was good. Our missionary leader was in Mar del Plata because his wife is having a baby girl. So the mission assistant guy came to do correlation and he brought facturas for us. 

Thursday woke up and paid rent which was dumb and then went to Horacio finalized things for next Saturday. Then lunch and we had the zone meeting this afternoon and it was good we all brought snacks cookies cakes brownies a pastry of some sort it was great played games but also focused on the Spirit. And then we took this picture but I kinda am short. Then we left and went with a member to go teach a lesson and it was a great lesson and the member was really good this was the first member lesson we have had in a while now. 

Friday we walked around in the morning found no one went to Guemes and had lunch there which was rice and milanesas really good. Then we stayed there and worked in the area of the leaders of the zone so a mini reinforcements. And we worked and found them some good less active families to visit and we went looking for old investigators and it was nice to work and help out the leaders. But their area is sooo muddy and my shoes and my suit pants got so muddy and trashed I had to clean them really good on Sunday morning before church. 

Saturday we went and cleaned the church in the morning because it was our turn of the rotation for the branch. And then came back for lunch and was making some really good mac and cheese and then the call comes from the leaders saying Elder Worth is staying and his companion is Elder Lee another elder from our MTC group that we both know. And then for me I got transferred to Carmen de Patagones in the zone of Viedma. So I packed some stuff and then had lunch then we left to work and we had to visit a few people and we are walking around in the afternoon and all of a sudden I have to go to the bathroom so we are kinda far and we had to run back to the main road the 59 go to a gas station the only stores and places here in Argentina that have bathrooms. Then after that we went back and met with some people less actives and people and the rest of the night was good. Returned to the house and I finished packing. 

Sunday went to church no one knew I was leaving. And then after church we had lunch Sloppy Joes I rearranged some stuff in my suitcases then we left for the terminal and then got on the bus and headed to Bahia Blanca. On the bus there was 6 of us going to Bahia. one American who was leaving for home or dying one Argentine who was transferred to the Pampa one Hermana from Brazil that was also dying another Hermana also from Brazil that was also going to Viedma and another elder from Brazil that was going to be our zone leader in Viedma and then me. So on the bus I’m talking with the elder in English and then with the argentines talking on the bus and the three brasillanos are talking in Portuguese and my brain started to hurt like ouch gift of tongues. But I could understand the Brazilians really well Portuguese isn’t super different from Spanish. Then we got to Bahia at like 10. Then our bus for Viedma left at 4 in the morning so we waited in the terminal and I just talked with other elders and people that I knew. And it was fun to see people come and go from the terminal then we left for Viedma in a super rich bus and they gave us breakfast and we got here at 8 in the morning.

Monday then I met my companion Elder Blazzard from Idaho he has like 9 more months than me he will die in like 5 months. And we live in the house with Elder Evanson from Canada he is super cool like my best friend and I have only been here 1 day and his son who he is training is Elder Avula from Mexico. And then the other two guys in our district are Elder Sotterfield from Kansas also really cool guy and he is training his son Elder Gallardo from Chile. Yesterday I unpacked had lunch went out to work a little contacted around came home then we had dinner and we talked the whole night and now today is P day and here we are writing. So that is about it for this week pretty exciting week new companion new zone new area everything. Hope you are all doing good and having fun enjoy yourselves and take it easy. Miss and Love you all!!!


Elder Frampton

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