Monday, July 3, 2017


I think I wasted too much time emailing all of you separately so I don’t have a lot of time to email a big long letter now but anyway

Tuesday morning normal we were on mini divisions with those kids from Tres Arroyos that are in our house and we contacted like all morning and found lots of people. Zone meeting was normal then some lessons afterwards and they all fell through. 

Wednesday we had service with an investigator Teresa and we cut down a tree that was leaning and collapsing on her house so we cut all the branches and thick trunk and everything but the tree fell on top of her garden and plants and crushed everything whoops. But then we carried the tree and branches and put it in the road for the trash guys to come get it. Then lunch and we had weekly planning and then we went and taught one person in the afternoon and that was the day

Thursday planning monthly then visited a guy in the morning and he has a lot of interest and he asked where he could buy a book of Mormon and we told him we could give him one for free so I did. Then the afternoon we past for some less active people and found like 2 or 3 people. Then had correlation and that went good our lider misional is really good and gives helpful advice. 

Friday woke up and morning was boring and normal and then the afternoon was like 3 lessons and then went really good and we found one good guy at the end of the night named Maximiliano and he has some good intentions too and we will check on him and teach him tonight or tomorrow I think

Saturday we went and taught the guy we gave that book of Mormon too and he already knows everything about the church read the whole introduction of the book and prayed knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and everything told us not a doubt in his mind all of this happen and loves reading about the nefites and lamanites and was telling us everything but we taught he restoration to him and his wife and his wife is super interested too and then we invited them to a baptism that was being held in the church that night and he said he would come at 5 when it started. Great lesson great guy already prepared and has a testimony maybe just a few more weeks and he could easily get baptized. Afternoon went to teach a lesson at about 4 and we get a call that this guy Horacio the guy we taught that morning is waiting at the church for the baptism so we go over to the church and he had gotten there an hour early and he explained he knew it was at 5 but for some reason he started preparing himself and left his house at 3 got to the church at 4 and the baptism didn’t start until 5. It was great some young man got baptized by the leaders of zona. He loved the service and he had lots of great questions. We invited him to come back to church the next day and he could watch the confirmation. He said sure. 

Sunday we go to church and he was there and wow this Horacio guy is sooo good. Then we had church and sacrament meeting was great and gospel principles was great and then combined third hour talked about Elder Stevenson his last talk in conference that he lost his keys skiing and we talked about priesthood keys and read scriptures and I like over and I see Horacio is on his phone but then I watched him type down all the scriptures manually and record them so he could look them up when he got him he asks me what is this one scripture doctrine and covenants and I explained. Then after church we had lunch and then went and visited some people a less active family took the sacrament and then a recent convert and then another recent convert and then elder Worth realizes he doesn’t have the phone he may have lost it but we got home last night and it was just sitting there on the desk we never brought it in the first place it was a small scare but we thought he left it at someone’s house or dropped it in street or something.

Today Monday we had breakfast and came here to write and if the rain ever lets up we will play soccer at 2. But yeah the weather kind of stinks here it rains all day every day this week and last week. Hope everyone is doing good and having fun! Relax and have fun at the picnic today. Miss yall


Elder Frampton

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