Monday, July 3, 2017



Sorry this letter will be short because I don’t have much time I have been emailing other people. 

Wednesday service got canceled in the morning. Then we had zone meeting the zone is pretty chill some cool kids. I had to teach a class in the meeting and I got a little frustrated because everyone was talking and just messing around playing piano playing games walking around and no one was listening but I was like whatever. The class was good I just talked about Preach My Gospel. That night we had family night in the church and we talked about priesthood with the members there and it was just a few families that came.

Thursday we woke up normal morning went to a place called Western Union. Then lunch and studied and weekly planning and then had a lesson with like one person that afternoon and it was good and that was about it.

Friday woke up studied went out came back lunch study then went to a lesson with a guy,

Saturday woke up and then left went to a lesson and we are walking up to the house and two guys inside and we wave and they look at us and say adelante elderes. Don’t know how they know us so we enter and they are completely wasted like drunk out of their minds.  It was funny then we left and went home and then lunch then I went on divisions with Elder Avila from Mexico and we worked in his area found one lady that was less active and we taught her and then we left and went to the church at 6:30 for the movie or night of movies that we do every Saturday night and we watch The Work and the Glory part 2. And then that ended at like 9 and we went home.

Sunday woke up and went to church and there were only 27 members there so few people for such a big chapel and it looked empty the church and then gospel principles was normal my companion taught. Then 3rd hour we were combined and the elders quorum leader just chewed us out and how we could work better with the members and how do we get investigators in the church and what we must do and work with members and get our investigators to assist the church. And then after church the branch president talked to us that we need to host our movie nights better because supposedly our investigators broke like of the hymn book holders that holds the hymns on the back of the benches and then told us that we need to get there right at 6:30 and not start late because we got there at like 6:45. And he gave us a whole talk. Then went home and lunch and the night we found one guy and taught him and it was a normal lesson about the Restoration. Then we went to a less active families house and it was one of those families that has like 6 kids.

Today Monday woke up and came to Cyber to write and email and here we are. We have zone conference this Thursday with President Cifuentes so that will be fun. And today I think we will play basketball. That was it for the week. Stay safe and do fun stuff it is the summer. Have fun!!


Elder Frampton

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