Monday, July 3, 2017


How is everyone,

Tuesday started off waking up and contacting and then lunch and studied and then went and taught last minute things and organized things for this girl getting baptized. Then afterwards went and visited like a couple more people and didn’t really find anyone.

Wednesday service was we went to the church in Guemes and swept and cleaned up and just cleaned inside the church and then we went home for lunch and studied and then planned for the week by doing weekly planning and then went to a lady’s house but she didn’t answer the door so then we went to a recent convert and in his house the light bulb burnt out so we talked and taught and watched a little video all in the dark and then his sister came home with a new light bulb so we installed it and then his mom came home and she asked for a blessing so I gave that and she is like really inactive and she talked with us after the blessing and told us like she wants to and needs to come to church because she feels like she has a whole in her life like something is missing and she knows it is the gospel coming back to the church and she just feels like really dark and heavy and she wants to repent and come back and she said she would come to church on Sunday and talk with president of the branch.  Then we went over to the hermanas house to pick up a plate that I had gave them a few weeks back and also some ties because I gave them some of my ties so they could sew them because they were falling apart and ripped a little. 

Thursday we contacted in the morning and then and talked with a guy and he was leaving he said he is moving to Mar del Plata. Then we went home after another kind of unsuccessful cold morning and studied and then went over to that girl’s house to plan out last minute things for the baptism and we had to bring the form that the grandma had to sign and fill in all the information. Then we went and taught another guy that night and he is great we put a date to be baptized for the 4 of June but he needs to either marry his misses first or needs to move out and live in another house than her because he is breaking the law of chastity right now living with his Senora. Then we had correlation that night with the mission leader and that was good.

Friday another morning normal with nothing and then the afternoon we taught a less active member and then went for some others at night and found no one at night either so it was a really slow day Fridays are normally not good days.

Saturday the morning taught a recent convert and talked with like 2 other people a better morning then lunch and then after lunch we headed over to the church but we didn’t have the keys to the font door so I had to climb over the gate in front of the font because the door was locked and started filling up the font but wait first the font was really dirty so I had to climb down farther into it and clean and sweep everything and I found lots of beetles and then two giant spiders like bigger than quarters. Then turned the water on to wash it a little and started filling it but there was only cold water like ice cold water so we had to figure out how to turn on the water heater in the church. And then our mission leader shows up and he helps us and we go to light the heater but it must have had some like trapped gas built up in it or there was a lot of gas or something because he and I went to hold the pilot button down while he went to light it and all the gas in there just exploded into a huge fire ball and made a huge explosion noise and he scared the both of us pretty good. And then we started filling the font with hot water and then as it filled we just sat around and talked set up chairs stuff like that then it got to about an hour before the baptism so like 5 and the font was only like a little more than half filled and we needed more water so we got buckets and we threw in water from the bathroom and the kitchen and brought water from the sinks and helped to fill it faster and in time for the baptism at 6. And then people start to arrive and the family of the girl arrives and the grandma tells us a story her cuada is dying and they were almost going to postpone the baptism and leave to go to the dying family member but she thought the baptism is more important so luckily they came and then my companion baptized her and everything went good and then the branch president pulled me aside and asked if I could confirm her and I was like yeah sure but we normally don’t confirm until sacrament meeting the next day but he explained the story to me again about the dying cuada and how the family isn’t coming to church tomorrow so he is using executive authority to confirm her tonight. So I did the confirmation and it was really cool and super spiritual for me, then that was the end of the day.

Sunday so that family didn’t come to church because they left to go to the aid of the sister in law and neither did that inactive lady we gave a blessing too earlier in the week all because she said she couldn’t find a dress a skirt or whatever and felt bad if she would show up in pants so she said it was better if she didn’t come. We were surprised and like seriously you didn’t come because you couldn’t find something to wear. Then we took the sacrament to someone’s house and then visited some people and then went and taught a recent convert about preparing for the Melchizedek priesthood and then last night 4 guys from Tres Arroyos came and slept in our house Monday.

Then this morning woke up early left and went to like a fancy pasteleria like a small coffee shop got a dozen facturas and ordered hot chocolate and we had a sweet breakfast and then we are here in Cyber a really big fancy cyber the first time I’ve ever been here but I will send pictures. And today is p day for the zone and we are going to the beach and the port to see the sea lions and play soccer on the beach and have fun like the 20 missionaries of us. 

It was a good week. Hope everyone is doing well and having fun good luck with the upcoming summer lucky ducks. Work hard but also remember to relax and take breaks and days off and stuff hang out as a family and do stuff together. 


Elder Frampton

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