Monday, July 3, 2017


Hola familia,

I just talked to you so I will write just a simplified easy note today

Tuesday woke up and went for some people in the morning and everyone fell through an so then went to correlation at the church in Guemes and that was good then had lunch at the house there of the zone leaders then we got on the bus and went to the church in Necochea and had the district meeting there and that was normal and then we went and taught that 11 yr old girl getting baptized and then went and taught another lady and then went for a couple of people down by the beach and then went home.

Wednesday breakfast and everything and then service at the one hermanos house the guy whose house I was at yesterday we helped him dig a hole in his yard that is like 2 meters deep right now but he needs it to be like 5 or 6. Then went home had lunch and then studied and went to visit a guy and he wasn’t home his crazy dog just barked and stuff. Then we visited another person then went home and did weekly planning like all night long.

Thursday I went to Quequen on divisions and I was with Elder Coleman and that was good the morning we contacted like 4 houses and found 3 good people who were interested. Then went to lunch at the house which is forever away they live sooo far from there area we walked 50 minutes to get back to the house and then had lunch and then went and did service for a member there who is helped to fix up their new house so he can rent it to the missionaries so they can live closer to their area. And we power sawed and drilled and helped move furniture and cabinets and everything out. Then went over to the church for correlation and that was good and then went to work for like 1 hour at night and then at 8 had to start the long walk back to the house. It was a good divisions and meanwhile the district leader is with my companion Elder Worth and they did the baptism interview for the little girl Celeste. And she passed with flying colors. So she will get baptized this Saturday the 21st.

Friday we switched back companions and the whole day we just contacted and worked and found really like no one so it was a long day that I don’t really remember because we didn’t do anything. Just walked around finding no one home or people not interested.

Saturday woke up and went for an investigator and he wasn’t home he had forgotten about our appointment or something. Then we went over to a recent convert’s house and taught her and read the book of Mormon with her and it was the part where Ammon chops off all the guys’ arms and that was really funny she was like whoa what is going on. Then went home and lunch and studied and went for some people and they weren’t home and so we went for a less active guy and he was home and I shared a really good scripture in Alma and it was really good and then at the end after the message he pulls out 100 pesos and tells us to take it and go buy some snacks for us called facturas they are kinda like weird donut pastries things. Just look up facturas panaderia on the internet. And we are like hermano we can’t take 100 pesos from you we don’t even take or charge non members for our messages how can we take 100 from you when you are a member. Then we went for another lady and she answered and was like oh not right now chicos I totally forgot you were coming. So then we went to another recent convert’s house instead and shared a message with him and talked about getting the Melchizedek priesthood and about family history. And then we left his house and went home.

Sunday church was normal and then we took the sacrament to a guy who is in bed and then went home and had lunch and then studied and went over to Hermano Miller for Skype and then I talked with you all and then we stayed and talked and then we gave the daughter a blessing then left. Then we went to another recent convert and talk with him and shared 1 Nefi 3:7 and then we went home and went to bed.

Today we woke up had breakfast then we came here and now we are emailing and will probably get lunch soon. The week was good but kinda slow I have to get use to Monday p day again. With a p day in the beginning of the week it makes it feel like slower I don’t know. It was good to talk to you guys yesterday. Hope you are all doing good and having fun!


Elder Frampton

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