Thursday, January 14, 2016



Tuesday was a normal day we went to Santa Rosa like always and had zone meeting and that was good played games -Pictionary and charades and a memory card game stuff like that talked about the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel. I still have been lucky and not been assigned to do anything or be in charge of any of the games so I’m off the hook until next week. Returned from Santa Rosa that night.

Wednesday visited an investigator in the morning and then went and picked up our lunch from one of the sisters in the branch. Ate at our pension and then studied. Then went to an appointment and the lady wasn’t there so then went to find another lady that was a referral and the address we were given doesn’t exist, so we didn’t find the house or the lady or nothing. Then we went to find another referral we had and the lady wasn’t home either. Then we had a correlation meeting at the church and the president asked me to give a talk on the 20th in two Sundays. And he said I just want you to teach the congregation the Plan of Salvation like as if you are teaching a bunch of investigators. It is a little bizarre but I’ll do it. It is the same lesson as if I’m teaching an investigator but I’m teaching everyone during sacrament meeting.

Thursday visited a referral in the morning who wasn’t home, then went home and fixed almuerzo. I forget what we made. Then we went to visit two more referrals and didn’t find them either. So we went to a less active member’s house and he was kinda old like 70 or 80 and he talked about Zion and the city of Enoch and Nephi and Laban and then about Jesus and he just had such a good knowledge of scriptures. And then he talked about Joseph Smith and the Doctrine of Covenants and how the Articles of Faith came about but I already knew this from seminary it was a newspaper asking what Mormons believe in and Joseph Smith told him these 13 articles we believe in. Simple but sincere.

Friday was exchanges again and this time Elder Rosario the district leader came here and Elder Riveros my companion went to Castex. So this day we went to a referral and found it and talked with the couple and they seemed interested and then walk really far to go pick up our lunch and got there and got our lunch then walked all the way back to our house and ate it then rested a little then went to go visit this one lady really far and she wasn’t home so we visited a man that lived on the same street but he wasn’t home neither. So we walked all the way back home and rested again and took a break and then left again to go visit this other lady and she was home and we talked to her and she said she was going to come to church this Sunday and then next Saturday or the next she would be baptized but this Sunday she didn’t show up so we will have to talk to her again and get here to come this Sunday. Then we left and went to this place that sells Choripan and it was so good I got mine with picante and it was so good. I really like choripan. Then we went home and he packed his stuff and then we walked to the terminal for him to catch the bus. Then I waited there at the terminal for Elder Riveros to come back like 45 minutes later. Then we walked home and went to bed. 

Saturday we visited another old guy and he gave us referrals and told us about scriptures and we just talked about how the branch is doing and about our missionary efforts. Then we went to have lunch at a member’s house and they fixed like these burrito cheesy things with vegetables and fideos which is pasta or noodles or whatever. It was good though. Then we went back to the house and studied and then after our studies we stayed in the house because Elder Riveros needed to write his talk for Sunday about the Obra Misional.

Sunday he gave his talk and it was good and then the final speaker was a man from the stake and he gave a great talk that I really liked. and also we always have like around 30 members in the branch and this Sunday we had 45 members and it was fantastic like everyone showed up minus any of our investigators. Then we went to lunch at the president’s house and that was fideos and meat. And then we went to find 3 investigators, old referrals. And we found the right house but they weren’t home but the daughter was and told us to come back on Monday. Then the second we found the house but they didn’t answer the door or something. Then the last, the 3rd, we didn’t found the house. Then we went back to the pension and rested and then went out later to find 2 investigators but the first wasn’t home and the second guy we went to but he had just left and his wife said oh you just missed him. So we went back to the house and made a small dinner and then went to bed.

Today Monday we woke up went for lunch at a members, came here to write and email and then we are going back tonight later for dinner and for this lady to give us haircuts. This family is from Peru. And they are pretty nice. 

So in general this week has been hot I sweat every day and am always super exhausted because the sun just beats down on me and drains my energy. And then I can’t sleep at night because it is so hot in our pension and I just sit there in my bed sweating and sleeping in a puddle of sweat. Then like two nights this week in rained a little while we were sleeping and there was like big flashes of lightning and stuff. That is pretty much everything that happened this week. I look forward to writing next week because it is like 4 days before Christmas and then I can see all you guys and then 2 days later the 27 is transfers and we will see if I stay or if I go. So thanks and have a good final week before Christmas!!

Love, Elder Frampton

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