Thursday, January 14, 2016



Tuesday was a normal day to Santa Rosa and zone meeting and we are doing a secret Santa with the zone. 

Wednesday was contacting and proselyting and appointments, regular day. Not really having luck finding referrals people give us. Addresses are confusing.

Thursday we just looked for people old investigators and people taught by the missionaries before us. 

Friday was lunch picked up from a members house and brought it back to the pension was milanesa and mashed potatoes and then went and visited an investigator and they couldn’t meet with us and felt bad so they said they would give us a ride to wherever we needed to go next and next we had to go to another investigator across town and they drove us there and save us from walking like 2 miles. 

Saturday was a chill day, we did just a little proselyting and studied and read stuff in the house and I wrote my talk for Sunday. Then we got calls during the day that the district leader wants to do exchanges or divisiones. So that night my companion hopped on a bus to Castex and the companion of the district leader came here with me - Elder Rickeberg. And then we got to sleep late because just waiting in the terminal for him to arrive and then walking back from the terminal. So got to sleep like 11:30 or 12.

Woke up the next morning now Sunday and ate breakfast showered got ready for church. Walked to church and it was so empty. Took attendance and we had 28 people that is soo little. Last week the Sunday before we had 45. But it’s okay. The first speaker talked for like 20 or 25 minutes and left me and the third guy with like 10 minutes each. So I had to give a short talk about the Plan of Salvation even though I could have talked for like 20 minutes I went fast and gave a 10 minute talk and the third guy also gave like 10 minutes. Then they also reminded everyone that come the New Year the branch has the 9 o’clock start in classes so we are switching with the ward schedules when the New Year begins. Then afterwards we had lunch with the branch president and his family said they went and saw the new Star Wars movie. Then we came back to the pension studied and then when it was night time I took him to the terminal and sent him on a bus and then waited for Elder Riveros my companion to return.

Today is P day, tomorrow we go to Santa Rosa, Wednesday we are in Bahia Blanca, and Thursday we are in Santa Rosa, Friday is Christmas here in Pico, then Saturday is transfer calls and Sunday is when people leave for new area.

Then today President sent a letter saying this: Empezando la semana de Diciembre 28 los días de P-Day cambian al igual que los días de servicio. Estos son: P-day de todos los misioneros son los Jueves y el día de servicio es el Miércoles. Por favor díganle a todos sus padres sobre el cambio para que no se preocupen

Now are P day is going to be Thursdays and service day is Wednesdays.

Hope all of you have a great Christmas have fun and remember the real meaning is Jesus!!


Elder Frampton

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