Monday, December 7, 2015

12-7-15 (Week 15)


This week was kind of shorter because Tuesday we went to Santa Rosa for Zone meeting and that was normal, just talk about Book of Mormon, our goals as a zone, preach my gospel, and then split off into districts for district meeting.

Wednesday was zone conference so President was there and he talked about preach my gospel and talked about the mission and how our zone is doing. Talked a little about Christmas and then at the end talked about finances and money of the mission for a little. Then we had lunch and afterwards his wife talked about exercising and not drinking water from the tap and she talked about eating balanced diet and eating right and what foods and stuff like that health concerning food and exercise. So now we know what to buy next month when the members can’t cook for us anymore we have to make balanced meals.

Thursday we came back here to Pico and was a normal day; taught like one lesson and found like 2 new investigators pretty normal day.

Then Friday was exchanges the district leader came here and I went to his area Castex. So I was with his companion Elder Rickeberg in Castex and we went to like 5 appointments but only taught like 2 lessons the other 3 we had to reschedule for another day. We made hamburgers and had ice cream and I just got to know the little city of Castex it is nice small quiet not many people there so the missionaries know like everyone in the whole city because it is just small and everyone knows each other. Saturday came back to my area taught one lesson in the morning right when I returned and then contacted the rest of the day. Pretty normal uneventful day.

Yesterday Sunday went to church fasting; didn’t get a chance to bear my testimony because all the members and old ladies went up and told stories and talked for like 10 minutes a piece and told the whole branch about their life and their year this year because it was the last testimony meeting of this year. Then we went back home and had lunch and went to our four investigators but only 2 of them were home so we got appointments for later this week. Then we came back to the house in the night and I hung out with the other missionaries in the apartment. I don’t know if I ever introduced everybody so I’m from Estados Unidos, Elder Riveros is from Paraguay then the other missionaries are Elder Diaz from Chile and Elder Sandoval from Peru.

We all just talked and chilled in the house last night and Elder Sandoval has a Rubiks cube and he was teaching me how to do it and how to solve it and I tried over and over and practiced like all night long until I could solve it. And this morning today is Pday I solved the whole cube this morning in 5:30 and I was proud of myself because I have the whole formula and moves memorized. Elder Sandoval then took it from me and solved it in 1:20 . He is so fast because he has like everything memorized and it is muscle memory so his hands just move and remember all the steps. He told me in the mission there is an Elder Hansen who did it 38 seconds wow. So yeah this was probably one of a highlight of my week learning and being able to solve a Rubiks cube now.

And okay today is Pday and some holiday because I think it is the changing of the President today so it is a holiday to make the change in presidency they call it here Feriado. Tomorrow is also a holiday or feriado because it is like virgen somebody day one of the saints or virgin days. Also we will be going to Santa Rosa tomorrow because they said they want to start having the zone meeting every Tuesday. So all Tuesdays we will be traveling to Santa Rosa. So this week may be very similar to last week. I think that is about all and everything for this week. So talk to you all next week and start preparing for Christmas. Put a Santa in the bathroom or something Haha

Elder Frampton

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