Thursday, January 14, 2016

12-31-15 (1-2-16) Week 18

Hello all,

Yes I did stayed here in Pico with the same companion. 

The other two elders of the ward left because they both had been here like 6 months. New elders came in one from Utah and one from Chile and they both speak English. 

This letter will be short because not much happened and the computer I’m using stinks like is old and the keyboard is so hard to type and such. 

So every day this week was normal proselyting except new years and yesterday.

Everything is closed here for those two days. We watched fireworks, that was like all that happened. 

They are kicking us out now. I will write more next week. Talk to you Thursday. 

Elder Frampton 

Skype for Christmas

Elder Frampton/Elder Riveros

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