Wednesday, August 31, 2016



Friday we contacted almost all day and it rained so many people don’t open their doors or reject us or they say chicos come back another day when the weather is better when it’s not raining. So not much success. 

Saturday was Conference and that was good we worked a little in the morning didn’t find anyone then we had lunch and took the bus over to the chapel and watched conference form 1 to 3 and that was good and then stayed there until 5 and watched from 5 to 7 and then we left and went contacting a little and then went home we couldn’t watch or see priesthood because it was 9 to 11 that night.

Sunday same thing woke up went to church and I talked with this new elder brand new straight from the MTC and also he is from Maryland so I can finally relate to someone from East Coast. Elder Coleman, he is cool and he practically told us the whole Star Wars Movie before conference started and then we watched again 1 to 3 and stayed at church and then 5 to 7 and then went home and planned and did some other stuff and then went to bed. But in general for the both days I really enjoyed conference I took lots of notes but not of what the speakers said but what the Spirit told me to note or write down. But I really liked these two days it was a good break and everything that everyone said I could take and apply to the missionary work and the apostles and prophets knew exactly what to say and I noticed a lot of themes that were touched upon. I can’t wait to read all of them in the upcoming Liahona or Ensign and then read them all over again. 

Monday once again it rained so we contacted in the morning and found absolutely no one and then went home and lunched and studied and then went back out in the afternoon and it was still raining it hadn’t stopped and the afternoon and night was again finding no one but we went and visited this part member family the mom and the 3 kids are members and we are working with the 4 child the last one and youngest to work towards baptism and teach her but also the father of this family is Muslim and we talked a lot with him because honestly I don’t know a whole bunch about that religion and I wanted to learn and for example they believe Jesus was a good prophet and our Savior but they don’t believe he is the son of God. And I was like how and he told me Where in the Bible does it say I am the son of God or God is my father and I opened up to a random page and sure enough it said soy el hijo de Dios and vino al mundo... Obviously everywhere in the Bible every page testifies and says he is the Son of God so how can’t they not believe it. I do however want to get my hands on a read a Koran or Quran. 

Tuesday we woke up and walked really far to visit this one lady and she wasn’t home so then we walked back and contacted a little and then went and made copies and bought lunch ingredients to make it and went home and ate it and then had zone meeting and we talked and played games to help us with the Book of Mormona and Preach My Gospel like hangman and guess who this prophet is? He died by fire. Abinadi yes. And that was really fun and then we headed over to the other chapel for meeting with mission leader and he ended up never coming or showing up so we left and contacted that night and visited another part member family and then another investigator. So we are getting places slow but steady. 

Yesterday Wednesday we woke up for service; we picked up trash in the street and garbage in the grass and along the road and that was kind of weird I felt people were judging us or like thinking why are two young boys collecting garbage. Then we had lunch something good here called Aoquis? or gnocchi. It was good then we studied and left and went for one investigator and we got there right as he was leaving his house and smoking marijuana leaving right when we arrived. Then we went for another lady and she wasn’t home and then went for a part member family and talked with the grandma and she left the church because she didn’t want to pay tithing she said the branch president tried to force her and tell her she had to pay tithing so she left the church and never gone back but we are working with her youngest granddaughter to be baptized the other grandkids are already and the mom too but the mom is never there she is in a psychiatric hospital. Then we went home after talking with grandma and the kids and we planned and went to bed

Today Thursday I tried to make oatmeal for breakfast but it turned out terrible it was too watery and runny and I don’t know how to do it. But anyway if you have any other recipes or anything else you want to send me of something I should make I would love that and am wide open for any recipes. We are emailing now and then will go eat lunch and go home and just chill and stay in the house.

Hope everyone at home is doing well and everyone is having fun and enjoying the PA spring. Go visit some Amish people, that is what everyone here knows PA for. Thanks for everything! Go Villanova!! Also I heard that Spencer Josephsen is home from his mission. 

Elder Frampton

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