Wednesday, August 31, 2016



Friday was a normal day waking up and contacting and then lunch and studied then left and taught a lesson to this 11 yr old girl who has the grandma. Then after we left we went to the church for correlation with the mission leader and then afterwards play a little bit of soccer at the church because there were kids playing that night and we played for a little and then my companion ripped his pants.

Saturday we went to another of the other missionary baptisms because we had invited one of our investigators to watch the baptism but they never came so we had to leave and then we worked had lunch studied then had a lesson set for 7 at night and we got over to the lesson at 7 and no one was home and so we called their cell and the lady picked up and said she had waited for us until 6 50 then left when we didn’t come and we said because we would be there at 7 so next time we know to get there a little early. 

Sunday went to a boys house to take him to church with us to the chapel in Guemes but when we got there his brother said he was sleeping and he wasn’t coming to church so we had to turn around and take a bus to the chapel in Necochea. Then church was normal got to know a few of the members and then we went home and had lunch and contacted the afternoon and night. Found one guy when we knocked at a house next to an evangelical church but the house was the minister or pastor of this evangelical church and he was from Britain so we talked with him in English and then he asked when did you chaps get to know your Savior at what age and then we talked about religious stuff and then he said he is only there on the weekends.

Monday contacted the morning and lunched and then contacted the whole day practically nothing really fun just a normal missionary day of talking with people contacting proselyting teaching two lessons that was about it. Until the night when we went to a less active man´s house and he was in bed and he started talking to us and telling us stories of when he was mission leader in the branch and when he lived in Buenos Aires and scriptures and all kinds of stuff. And then he showed us he only has half of his left leg then amputated it because disease or sickness or something like right above the knee. So yeah and then he called for his wife and told her to throw some malta on the stove and then we drank some weird fake coffee no caffeine kinda weird tasting hot chocolate called Malta. 

Tuesday regular morning and then had lunch pizza and zone meeting and played games and normal stuff practices and preach my gospel and all of it then we had another lesson afterwards with this 11 yr old and the grandma and we showed them the Joseph Smith video of the Restoration. Then we went and talked with another less active man afterwards and he gave us two good references or referrals and then we went and visited them and the one turned out to be a guy who was actually interested and we have an appointment to go teach him on Friday during the siesta. 

Wednesday yesterday woke up had service went to an hermano´s house and he has a huge pit or hole in his back yard and we helped dig it deeper and farther and we just shoveled and moved dirt and it was super fun and I felt like I was in the movie Holes I kept quoting things from the movie and being really funny like in the movie. Then had lunch and studied and planned for the upcoming week then left and went and talked with a few people with no success then it started raining out of the blue and we began to walk home and we passed a choripan place so we stopped and bought two choripans and talked with the guy there who was selling them and he was real nice and we told him who we were and what we believe and about our church and then he told us about what he believed in which was 7 reincarnations this is his first life and he will die and his body will sit in the earth and the spirit will leave and then go into another body being born again and he will have a second life and instead of selling choripan maybe he will be a carpenter or wood worker or something.

Thursday or today we woke up had breakfast and then came to write that is why we are kind of early today and we are emailing and probably will go for empanadas and then back to the house and chill and just enjoy the day. 

Thanks for everyone´s letters and prayers and I hope all of you are doing good and having fun and enjoying yourselves but staying safe and if you want go read Alma 37:37 it is good and be grateful and of all your blessings. Take care and with love

Elder Frampton

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