Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Buen dia,

Tuesday was good we studied then contacted around in the morning and then went back for lunch this week was good for lunches we had over the course of the week mac and cheese giant empanadas with meat and cheese, meatball subs, sloppy joes, milanesas and French, fries fideos or pasta with sauce and meat it was a good week. Then after whatever we had for lunch we had to make a game and a spiritual message for the zone meeting and we made up a little charades game it was really good. Went to the meeting played enjoyed had fun, left, taught that the recent convert little girl and her abuela. Then we had a lesson with a lady. Talked about the power of prayer and encouraged her to start praying again. The night was normal

Wednesday woke up went to church for service cleaned swept and did stuff there came home for lunch.  Studied then did planning for the week and then left went to a recent converts house and walk in and his wife’s brothers are over; one is 14 and the other is 5. The 14 one was on the laptop playing a game like seemed something like WoW or LoL but I wasn’t sure it was a magic game but was first person seemed cool though and the 5 year old was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and he was playing that game better than I played it. He was like Elder watch this and would like jump from one building to another and shot down this helicopter and doing all this stuff. I ask am cuantos autos robaste hoy and he told me like 10 or 11 cars he has robbed in the game. Haha yeah kids are starting younger and younger to play video games made me think of all those little kids like Kendall that know how to work the Ipads better than their parents. Then we left and went to correlation at the church that was good and we stayed a little to talk with mission leader and we knew he had gone to BYU but we didn’t know how long or if he knew English. So we asked he said only one semester and that he had to take a test and all this stuff then started talking in English and he had really really good English I was a little surprised. And we asked if he knew a little English before BYU and the test and before he started learning English he said as a kid he learned to speak and read English by playing the Pokemon games! Wow

Thursday we studied left contacted like all morning long taught a lesson to this one guy I always talk about Horacio and he really loved it but he asked some questions about tithing which wasn’t related because we were teaching L3 the gospel of Jesus Christ but we answered them anyway. Then had lunch and got ready to go to Quequen for these refuerzos there. I was companions with Elder Armstrong and we had the area to contact around the church in Quequen we only found like 4 or 5 people but it was nice to help out the elders there.

Friday studied in the morning a little left went and talked with a guy about word of wisdom and law of chastity for like an hour and a half then went and stopped by a few other houses one being of an inactive guy who works as a yoga teacher, like super yoga with like focusing the inner energy and chi meditating all the time and lighting incense and that kind of hippie yoga instructor stuff ying and yang. Then lunch and studied then went and taught a less active and he gave us some advice to look into the field of getting a job as a flight attendant it is only 1 year of school and you get to travel the world I might just looking into it. I could work flights from US to any Spanish country and supposedly it pays well. Then we had contacting the rest of night

Saturday woke up studied and then taught a less active old lady she talked about E. Coli and sicknesses and stuff and a dog bite her and now she can’t move her one leg and when she was little this dog bit her like 4 times and now her leg is messed up she can’t walk it has some infection over the years. Then a recent convert and that was a normal read the Book of Mormon together. Lunch and then studies and then the afternoon was visiting people contacting talked with another less active normal slow night

Sunday church and then lunch studied all of that was the same for the most part church there was only 42 people. Then afterwards took sacrament to a guy and talked about his conversion story and lots of things. Then talked with some other people and an investigator that we found for luck because he normally is really busy being a police officer and stuff. Then we talked with another guy and went home and the slept good.

Today woke up, breakfasted, came here to cyber to write. Everyone talks about the copa America and soccer and everything. US is doing kinda good it seems. That was the week and transfers calls is this Saturday so we will see this week if I go somewhere or if I stay and what happens. Last transfer only 1 of the 22 of us left in the zone so I think this transfer a lot will leave. We will wait and see. Thanks to everyone!

Elder Frampton

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