Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hello all,

Friday was good we were on divisions with Elder Coleman from Maryland so I got to be with him for the day and that was really cool we talked about east coast and Baltimore and Washington DC especially.

Saturday cleaned the church in the morning; picked up garbage and leaves and everything outside sweeped and raked and everything. Then the rest of the day taught lessons and had English class at night but then no one showed up again. I don’t know why and then we talked with one more person after we left the chapel because no one showed up. And walked home.

Sunday I gave my talk on the First Vision and personally I thought it was really good and I talked really well but no one ever said anything so either everyone is just duro and didn’t like my talk or my Spanish or something or maybe they aren’t supposed to tell missionaries that they gave a great talk. But one lady did tell me good job because she was the speaker right before me and she said it was interesting that the two people to talk today they made us both of us which have funny accents and no one can understand and are extranjeros and speak funny because she is from Colombia but I didn’t get to ask what part. But her talk was really great too and told her she also did a good job she talked about Christ appearance in America. She sounded exactly like moms voice too it was really weird the way she talked it sounded almost she was talking to me in English but we were having the conversation in Spanish. 

Monday normal day taught like 5 lessons or so and it was just a good normal teaching day nothing really special happened other than we got a baptism date for this 11 year old girl we have been teaching and we set it for 7 of May.

Tuesday we had correlation in the morning that was good because we have a new mission leader. And then the afternoon we had zone meeting and that was good just talked about monthly planning and stuff. And then that afternoon had like 3 lessons.

Wednesday all morning we had meeting with president he described to us a dream he had and that was really cool and he clarified some stuff about planning and monthly planning and stuff about the mission. And he said I think we will skype the week after mother’s day because transfers are the day of mother’s day so we will probably talk the 15th of May. And then he described some other number things and nitty gritty small stuff about the mission and his view and hopes for the mission and what he wants in the future. Then we had interviews and that was perfectly fine haha the hermanas each took like 30 to 40 minutes and the elders were like 5 minutes each some even quicker and he talked about being your own agent and preparing us and stuff. Then the afternoon we had a great lesson and then another both with members then we went home at night and did monthly planning and weekly planning because it is Wednesday and daily planning to plan for tomorrow and yeah lots of planning. 

It is starting to get a little colder around here but that is nothing. The weather is like rainy a lot and yeah everything is good here and I hope everyone is having fun and doing good back at PA. Have a good week y´all!


Elder Frampton

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