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We live on 9 and 24 and the church is on 14 in between 15 and 17. So like 3 blocks to get to 15 and then 5 blocks to get to 14. So 8 blocks total like a 15 minute walk.

So I thought the schedule for the first couple days would be with the other Elders Monday and Tuesday, leave for Bahia Tuesday night, arrive Wednesday, and so on. But actually we get a call Monday night that zone meeting is Tuesday afternoon so we got on a bus that night and went to Santa Rosa. We get there and sleep in zone leader’s apartment.

Tuesday wake up and I went proselyting with the other Elders that live in the zone leaders apartment and then that afternoon we went to the church and had the zone meeting. And we were supposed to have district meeting afterwards like split into our different districts but instead they said we will all just stay together and not split which meant I had to give my 5 minute talk on the importance of baptism and confirmation in front of the whole zone rather than my little district. It went okay. So afterwards I went contacting again with the missionaries and then slept again in their apartment woke up in the morning to catch the 3 am bus to Bahia.

Got to Bahia about 8 that morning the assistants came and picked me up went to the Presidents home. Sat around then he taught us how to be good trainers and gave us a little book for entranadores and gave us a little sermon and then we went downstairs and they assigned people a companion. Paired with me is this Elder from Paraguay. My new companion is Elder Riveros. He knows only like knows how to say in English “Hello, Goodbye, How are you”. Those three phrases that’s it. He doesn’t seem to have much intention or interest in learning English and I have asked and offered to teach. I carry a dictionary now. We eat lunch sandwiches that were provided then pack up his stuff go over to the church grab his suitcases and then head to the bus station. Got on a bus about 6 got to Santa Rosa about 11 that night. On the bus saw some movie called Black Sea about submarines and gold and stuff. Got to Santa Rosa slept in the zone leader’s apartment woke up at 5 got on our bus to Pico and got here about 8. Slept a little went and visited the members so I could introduce my new companion and then went out for ice cream and I got mint chocolate chip then came back to the apartment and made some cookies in the oven then went to bed.

Friday woke up contacted a little went to pick up our lunch from a member who lives really far away and then came back ate quickly and then went over to the mission leader’s house at 1 to help him move because he is going to Catex. We loaded up a whole truck of things; not a moving truck but like a big pickup truck, then when I thought we would stop we kept on going stacking stuff on top of each other and it was just like a mountain really high like more than 10 feet and I was thinking how will they drive and stuff not tumble or fall so then they tied a huge rope and tied all the stuff down and drove off with a huge mountain of junk. Then had Noche Hogar that night and no body showed up so we just left after the first hour we weren’t going to stay form 7 to 9 so we left at 8.

Then Saturday woke up went to lunch had this casserole thing us pastel de papas. And then went contacting got 2 appointments lined up for next week so that was good we could schedule 2 appointments.

Sunday or yesterday went to church then came home and had to stay in the house all the day because it was like voting or the president was going to broadcast or talk to all the people here so there may have been riots or crazies or weird stuff because the President talked to the people so were got a call and were told we didn’t have to go out so we stayed in the house all day.

Today woke up did my laundry, a little shopping at the Super or La Anonima. Then had lunch - hot dogs too. I enjoyed them and then came here to write. Hope you guys are enjoying all the family and their company. Have a good thanksgiving because here there is nothing. No Thanksgiving whatsoever. Have a good week and stay cool in Vegas because here lately it is hot then the next day it is cold then the next it rains and the next is hot and then the night is cold. It is all over the place the weather. 


Elder Frampton

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