Saturday, December 5, 2015


Hello family,

This week I probably don’t have a large quantity of stuff to write about but I have good quality.

So Tuesday we contacted and didn’t find or talk to anyone. Later that night we went for ice cream and I got a kilo of these four flavors: crema de oreo, limon, americana, y frutos del bosque. Took it back to the house that night and have been eating it throughout the week.

Wednesday we had district meeting in the morning and I had to give an impromptu spiritual thought in Spanish so I just made up some story about shepherds and sheep and we need to look to Jesus the ultimate shepherd. Then that afternoon we had lunch at a member’s house and we had chancho which is pig and with it was potatoes including batata which is sweet potatoes or yams. And for dessert it was duraznos peaches with crema whipped cream. That night we had a meeting at the church with the branch presidency and stuff to plan to visit less actives and stuff. The branch mission leader found a new job and his family and he are now moving to Castex this Friday. So we are going to need a new mission leader very soon.

Thursday was another very bland day we didn’t find anyone and contacting didn’t work super well but I did find a quote when studying that I really liked. "Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death" Very similar to Uchtdorf´s doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. Friday we downloaded a video to watch for noche hogar The Work and the Glory. Then that night two families showed up and we watched it at the church on the TV screen and we made and had popcorn with it too. 

Saturday they called us in the morning with transfer calls. They said Elder Searcy is leaving and is going to Olavarria and that I am staying here. So my companion leaves and I will stay in Pico and I will be training a new missionary straight out of the MTC. They said they don’t know his name yet or what country he is from, but I have a good feeling I will be training a native Spanish Elder from one of the Spanish MTC´s. So I will be teaching him missionary stuff and mission work and he will be helping me with Spanish stuff. So that is the exciting thing. But yet I am also nervous to train a brand new missionary. I get to go to Bahia this Wednesday to pick him up. So I have another long trip of bus rides ahead of me this week. I will tell you probably next P day all about him and where he is from so be prepared next Monday.

So then the rest of Saturday Elder Searcy spent packing and getting ready to leave for Olavarria and he gave me all his training stuff.

Then Sunday went to church and there was a guy visiting from the stake in Santa Rosa and he said he was a returned missionary. He was friendly with my companion and I and asked where we are from and he told him Pennsylvania and he said hey there was an Elder in my mission from Pennsylvania do you know Elder Anderson and I said where did you serve he said Brazil I said Brian or Jason Anderson. He told me he was the trainer of Jason Anderson. So you guys should tell Sister Anderson or Heather to tell Jason that I met his trainer from his mission because he is in my stake.

Then we had lunch with the branch president and it was meat and some pasta stuff. Then later on Sunday we took my companion Elder Searcy to the bus terminal and he left yesterday.

So now today I am with the other elders in Pico that work the Ward side. Then tomorrow I will probably leave and travel through the night to get to Bahia Blanca on Wednesday morning. So until next week. I will probably talk next Monday all about my new companion and my travels to Bahia Blanca. Because that will probably take up the majority of my week leaving Tuesday night being in Bahia on Wednesday and then traveling back to Pico on Thursday. So I will be gone for like half a day, a whole day and then another half a day. Talk to all of you next week!!!!

Elder Frampton

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