Saturday, October 3, 2015

9-19-15 (week 4)

The letter you sent me in Spanish - I could read the whole entire thing with no problem. I like the subjunctive that you included in a part of it too. 

I have not heard anything about my visa I hope it is okay but at the same time maybe not hearing anything is good. Because for example an elder in my district got called down to the travel office and had to sign some stuff and like reprint his FBI clearance report. I don’t think you are supposed to call about it or anything. 

Tell me how Grandma's house is like if it is big or what. Yeah we don’t have super intense navy training language here but it is still hard. My Spanish is improving I know a lot of words my vocabulary has gone up a lot, but now I really have to focus on pronunciation because I am not good at pronouncing things. The Spirit definitely does help though and I have seen lots of progress and I talk more during lessons when I rely on the Spirit to put words into my mouth as long as I open my mouth first. 


Elder Frampton

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