Saturday, October 3, 2015

9-12-15 (week 3)

Dear Family,

I have been getting all your dear elders and they are nice the little spiritual messages they are uplifting. My Spanish has been getting easier to speak. I say every prayer during the day almost fluent in Spanish. With investigators it is still a little hard because I don’t always know what to say to them so I have to talk slow and be guided by the Spirit as he tells me what to say and then I try to translate what he says in English then I turn it into Spanish in my head and then say it. Hopefully the spirit will start talking to me in Spanish instead of English that way I don’t have to spend time trying to translate. 

I am feeling good I am not really sick anymore I just have a very small cough. I’m trying to exercise and eat well but yesterday was the first day I didn’t exercise because my companion was super sick so we had to stay in our residence dorm all day resting and studying. I studied a lot from the scriptures and learned some things of the endowment.  I looked up grammar rules and read my scriptures and found some deep doctrine and then I napped like once. But he seems like he is getting better we will have to see how he feels over the weekend going into Monday.

I will try to keep on eating healthy but the food is getting kind of bland because they have like the same food like every day of the week. Like burgers is always Mondays; pizza is Fridays like each day is different but because I have been here almost 4 weeks I have gotten used to all the food and it is starting to taste a little bland.

I saw Jake Szendre yesterday and I also saw my mission prep teacher from BYU and thanked him. The speaker this past Tuesday was the presiding bishop: Bishop Causse. He was great talked about missionary work and stuff and then he played the piano. Instead of a closing hymn he played on the piano Come Come Ye Saints. I was like I didn’t know general authorities could do that. He was really good. That was pretty much the week in a wrap.

That’s about everything that happened this week. 

Elder Frampton

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