Thursday, April 21, 2016


Hello family and friends,

Friday, the morning we woke up and went to the river to talk to this one guy and he just brought up all the facts and maps and he just has a lot of problems with praying and the Book of Mormon and the total Restoration so we just asked him what he wanted to get from our lessons and why we were here and what does he really want to learn more, be baptized, what are his desires in listening to us. And he was like oh just to argue and listen to a couple of kids. Something on the lines of that so we just told him if you have no true desires or interest in any of this then we will just leave you alone. So we pretty much just dropped him as an investigator, but we are still really good friends and he said whenever we want to come over we are welcome and if we need juice or lunch or to use to the bathroom or just to rest or sleep for a little bit we are allowed to come over to his house and just chill. Then the afternoon and the night was just a normal day with lunch studies and working at night at stuff, nothing much else happened that day.

Saturday we woke up and went to a shoe smith kind of place because my companion´s shoes were like ripping at the toes and just breaking, but then the guys there sewed them all up and fixed them and they are all good now. Then we made some photo copies of the Proclamation of the Family document. Then the rest of the morning was normal; we didn’t really find or teach anyone. Then the afternoon we had the youth session of district conference so we went to that and President Cifuentes and his wife spoke and they said lots of good things to animate and excite the youth to start talking to their friends and work with the missionaries so we can strengthen the church and the youth and that we just need to work together. Then after we went contacting and we found one house that a guy answered the door just smiling then called his wife and she came to the door and she was a member but her husband isn’t and he doesn’t seem to have real interest but the wife said she wants to start coming back to church; she is inactive for the past like 6 years.

Sunday was the normal morning session of district conference and this time President talked about when he went to Sri Lanka and there were problems with his visa. So long story short he landed in jail for customs visa problems and just had to wait there until everything got worked out and he was free to go. But then he tied it in with how we have spiritual visas and don’t get caught without your visa. It is our temple recommend and everyone should have one even if they can never attend the temple and never will go. It’s the piece of paper that you are worthy and ready to go to the temple that really matters and it is true. Then that ended and we went home had lunch and studied then left in the afternoon and went to look for people and found the father of this one couple we were looking for and then we have this one lady who is a Jehovah Witness but she wasn’t home. But instead we found her son and we talked with him for a little and then we found some other people and then we worked into the night and it was just about time to go home so we just knocked one last house and come to found out it was a property rent dealer place that works with like selling buying properties I don’t know how to describe it a business type place and the guy invites us in and we are sitting at like his work desk just talking and we share like one scripture and he said he had talked with missionaries before. But that was a cool last house before we went home. 

Monday we woke up went to the river to contact. And we found like a couple people but no one super interested but we did clap outside this one house and a lady walks out and over to us and starts talking in Russian and of course me not thinking tell her in Spanish that we don’t speak Russian and then a girl comes out of the house and runs over to us and she translates for the grandma and we are talking to this lady as her granddaughter acts as the interpreter. Then after that we went home for lunch and studied then we went and taught this one girl the restoration and she said she will come to church to just check it out but let’s see if she actually holds to her word and comes this Sunday. Then the rest of the afternoon we just knocked around but didn’t really find anyone.

Tuesday we woke up and contacted around and then at 11 we went to Centro because the other elders had a wedding of these two members that they having been working with to get their siblings baptized it is kind of confusing but yeah the other elders have a couple that was getting married so we got to go to that and just be camera man and take pictures and it was literally like walk in say some words sign some papers do some more paperwork the other two elders were the witnesses and they signed and then all of a sudden they were married they we went outside and threw rice at them. It was an interesting experience but it just made me want to know what a temple marriage or it is more of a sealing is like because I have never got to see one. Then we went home and ate and then had zone meeting and we met and talked about book of Mormon and the missionary work and I had to say the opening prayer so nothing big. Then that was a normal meeting and then we quickly went home and left again because we had correlation at the church soon after with the mission leader and we talked about our investigators and certain needs and just chatted about the mission work then we left and went to a member’s house and taught them.

Wednesday we woke up and went and did service went to a members house; dug some holes in the ground then sanded and cleaned up the window shutters and door and stuff and sanded them down then re painted them and that was fun but it was hot out. To be honest all of a sudden this week it has been really hot here and I have no clue why. Then we left went home I got a haircut and then showered then ate lunch then studied and went to a lesson but the person was sleeping so we left. Then contacted around and then went home and planned and we did weekly planning and talked and then that was the day. Felt kind of short day and a short week because I remember planning last week too. 

Today Thursday woke up played soccer, made pancakes left went to do a little shopping and went to the bank I took out 600 pesos which is about 40 dollars because I need to buy some stuff. Recently I’ve been looking at getting some bedding or something like sheets because my legs are all red and have like all these little red bites all over them so I’m thinking my bed may have something or it is dirty, but then point is I should be getting some bed sheets soon so I took out a little money to do that and do some other stuff. Then we went to the river and we took pictures there and we found all these crabs and saw the bridge. I don’t know if I will be able to send those this time I might need to wait until next time. Then we went and had asado and a really good lunch and then we came here and are writing. Also my nose has been runny this week and I took some Claritin D and some stuff to help with that but it hasn’t really done anything. My nose is still runny.

I think that is everything I have to say for now I hope I didn’t forget anything. I did get that package a few weeks back with the Valentines stuff. Thanks to everyone and have a great week!!


Elder Frampton


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