Monday, November 2, 2015

11-2-15 (week 10)


This week will probably be very short because it was kind of uneventful.

Tuesday we had 4 lessons and then they all fell through getting canceled except for one of them was just rescheduled until Thursday  Literally nothing else really happened on Tuesday.

So then they carried over to Wednesday and we had nothing planned for Wednesday because we were just waiting around for Thursday to finally come. So we had zero lessons on Wednesday and we did nothing and nobody was around or outside or anything so contacting didn’t work at all. Everyone was just taking siestas all day or something.

Then Thursday came eventually and we went to lunch at a less actives family’s house. 

So then later that day we had our appointment with the lesson that got rescheduled from Tuesday. And we show up and this family has already read the Book of Mormon up to like chapter 16 of First Nefi and was super interested in the church and they have been studying lots of churches and searching around for truth and the church they haven’t looked at yet and know the least about is our church. They are like golden investigator family. So we show up and we teach the Restoration and I did a majority of the talking and I taught the parts about the Great Apostasy and the First Vision and the Book of Mormon and my companion filled in the little holes and filled in whenever I stopped talking it was like the first real lesson I got to teach like whole by myself and my companion just chirped in whenever. They are such a good family of investigators and they said they will continue to pray and read and they had questions at the end of the lesson and asked Elders would you guys know what is our purpose here and where do we go after we die. And we were like wow ironic you would ask that those are actually the concepts from next lesson the Plan of Salvation so we will answer all of that next time when can we come back and they said an appointment for this Thursday would be fine. So seems like we will be teaching them every Thursday.

Then Friday we didn’t really do anything it was a normal day contacting and had like one lesson nothing real special a normal day and we had Noche Hogar that night and no one showed up except for the mission leader and his kids. So we just ate cookies and played Hangman in Spanish. 

So then this weekend was stake conference and it just so happened that because President Cifuentes had to speak at conference he decided he would do interviews with missionaries after conference. So because of that we were allowed on Saturday to go get haircuts and we went and sat in line for haircuts for like an hour and a half to almost two hours just waiting. finally like 2 hours later it was our turns for haircuts and we each took like 15 or 20 minute haircuts for only 30 pesos too which is about 3 US dollars so very cheap but very nice and high quality and good haircuts. But it was funny to sit in the haircut parlor waiting room for like 2 hours all just for a 15 minute haircut.

Then we went to the church because they were broadcasting the conference to the branch because the stake conference and stake center is in Santa Rosa. However nobody here knows anything about computers or broadcasting stuff and they were unable to set it up for us to watch in the branch so they just told us go home we can’t seem to get it to work. It didn’t really matter because only like 10 people showed up to watch it anyway so we were like uh where is the rest of the branch? So we were unable to watch conference on Saturday.

Then Sunday we woke up early went to the bus station and took a bus about 2 hours to Santa Rosa got there took a cab or taxi to the stake center watched the conference live and the stake took up like all the time and President and his wife were last to speak in the program and in the program they spelled their names wrong too Mission President Cienfuegos. Hahaha President Cifuentes and all the missionaries there got a crack and a laugh from that. We had the two pairs of missionaries from Santa Rosa there two pairs of Hermanas, us from the branch in Pico the other guys from the ward in Pico and the missionaries from Castex there. So the stake used up all the time that they left President and his wife with like 5 minutes for both of them so they just went up and bore their testimonies and that was it; they didn’t even get to talk just enough time to bear their testimony.

Then afterwards we all had interviews and President gave us a pep talk and told us advice and stuff
first be disciplined
second I don’t remember what that was and
third be your own agent so be self managing you don’t need the mission handbook or someone else a district or zone leader or president to tell you stuff just manage yourselves.
And then a thing from D&C how there is a law in heaven that each blessing is predicated on. So if you are having diarrhea then you broke the rule of the word of wisdom
if you can’t sleep at night then you broke the rule of sleeping in more in the morning or you aren’t working that hard to make yourself tired and exhausted that day to fall asleep.

Then conducted interviews and mine was perfectly fine it was short because I’m new and he just gave me advice and ask if I had any questions and then it was over. Then he told me he had my maleta or my suitcase he had gotten from the assistants so now I have my little suitcase that was the carry on.

Then I got my suitcase, we hopped in a taxi and headed to the bus station. We were running a little late too because it was 3:50 and the bus leaves at 4. And Elder Searcy was like we need to take out money out of the ATM so we can buy our tickets to get to Pico but luckily something had happened that morning that I felt inspired to take an extra 100 pesos just in case so we could get back and not get stuck in Santa Rosa. So I told him no let’s not go to the ATM but let’s go to buy our tickets and I pull out my 100 pesos and it was exactly enough to get us both back to Pico. And we bought the tickets at 3:58. I felt  good because if I didn’t have that 100 we would have had to stop at the ATM and would have been late and missed our bus probably. But I paid and got us our tickets back to Pico and we get on the bus and we have seats 37 and 38 and there is a girl in my seat and her bag a huge black purse was in the other seat so Elder Searcy was just like telling me sit in a different seat so I sat in another seat.

Elder Searcy sat with the missionaries from Castex because the bus goes from Santa Rosa to Castex to Pico. So the other missionaries were on the bus too because the bus made stops in Castex on the way to Pico. So he sat with them and I sat by myself in a seat close by. Then Elder Searcy and the other missionaries are talking and just chatting and stuff and the girl that was sitting in our seat turns to them and says oh you missionaries speak English? And we were like yes and then she was I speak English too. So then she asked to hear about us why were we missionaries why were in Argentina and about the church and the Gospel and I talked to her in English and taught the Restoration and gave her my Book of Mormon. And she seemed interested in the Gospel it was just so nice to talk to someone in English and she seemed like a potential investigator. So who would have thought I would get a chance to share in the gospel in English in Argentina. There are people here who actually speak English, who would have known. Because the last time we ran into something like this was when we were contacting one day and there was a house that had a sign offering English lessons so I said lets knock on this house but no one answered so I never got to talk with the people that lived there. But it seems like my job so far has been to share the gospel and teach all the people we run into that speak English. So that was Sunday and now we are just emailing and doing laundry on Monday. Hope everyone back home is having fun traveling, interpreting, getting married, and going to the movies and whatever else stuff you guys do. Don’t have too much fun while I’m gone 

Elder Frampton

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