Saturday, August 29, 2015

8-29-15 (Week 1)

Dear Family,

So I will answer all the questions that you asked first. I’m in a room with four elders; 2 going to Cordoba and then my companion going to the most southern Argentina mission the one with the glaciers. My district is only 6 elders including my companion and me. One missionary is going to Mendoza, one to Canada, one to Salt Lake City, one to Texas, and then my companion and myself. So really I haven’t met anyone going to my mission Bahia Blanca.

Second no we don’t have any authentic Argentina speakers because we are all going to different places. I made that mistake and asked my teacher who is a returned missionary when and if we will learn about che and voz and Argentina stuff and then I realized my companion and I are like the only Argentina people.

Third no they haven’t said anything that I didn’t know about like to bring.

Fourth yes I have seen Daniel Bright on many occasions and we talk and I saw Ryan the first two days and I haven’t seen him since.

The exercise options there are plenty: running bikes in the gym, basketball, four square, volleyball, then at the field there is a bunch of stuff also. For example, we are going to play soccer or futbol with our zone today. I mainly just play basketball everyday to exercise.

I have met the branch president and we have church tomorrow.  I am working on speaking Spanish, but I understand and listen and comprehend everything.

The food I like, especially breakfast. Every day we sit in class for at least somewhere between 7 hours and yesterday we spent 10 hours. We had to teach an "investigator" but really all the people here are just devout members faking and pretending to be investigators. 

Not much has happened in these last 3 days. I described the food, our class, our exercise that is about it. It is super crowded here all the time and I waited an hour to get on the computer and now I am writing so it’s hard to email. But I guess I will send you something and talk to you next Saturday. (That’s my P day, Saturdays)


Love, Elder Frampton

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